Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Who doesn’t like sexual torture?

Oh yeah! Baby!

Almost every day we can read about and hear about new inventive ways for the power elitists to impose more and more control over our lives. One of the most common ways of doing this is to appeal to our indignation, our dubious sexual morals and how we see ‘others’.

If someone think that gay sex or golden showers are pretty disgusting, it is not that hard to convince that someone that we need legislation to hinder such acts. The same goes for pretty much everything that has to do with sex and relationships.

Throughout the years I have learned that pretty much everyone is into some kind of kinky stuff. We all have our fetishes; we all have strange erotic fantasies and with the right person/s we can live them out. Frankly the ones being content with the missionary varied with doggy once a week never feeling the need to try something else and never testing perversities make up a very, very small minority.

Strange then that so many feel indignation and get morally outraged whenever something “out of the norm” gets depicted in the news. Or is this maybe the real reason? We feel slight disgust with ourselves or want to hide our own perversities so we attack those that do the same?

Whatever the reason I cannot understand how anyone can let authorities in general and media in particular again and again undermine our personal liberties with stories of ‘strange’ sexacts. You can almost forgive them for using rapes, pedophilia and such in this manner, but consensual adults have fun? What’s up with that?

So it is not surprising to learn about today’s big story in Swedish papers. Apparently a 32-year-old man (age is important when there’s a difference between the two) charged with assault after having violent sex with a teenager in a case testing how much sexual violence is legally permitted in Sweden between consenting partners.

The 16-year-old girl (15 is the legal age in Sweden) came in contact with the man through a sexually-themed website and later signed a “slave contract” in which she consented to being “used, abused and thoroughly humiliated”.

During their sexual encounter, the girl ALLOWED herself to be locked in a cage and have clamps attached to her breasts.

Police were alerted to the alleged assault when a relative of the teen noticed she had bruises all over her body.

The court shouldn’t have anything to do with a case like this and we should all be out in the streets demonstrating against this horrible act of autocracy. Journalists should be defending people’s rights to have whatever sexual act they want. But no. Of course not.

With the risk of getting charged I can honestly say that I’ve done much worse things and I have, myself, been subjected to worse things. And having bruises after sex is so normal I would even argue that a sexual encounter that doesn’t end with bruising is equal to bad sex. Of course you can avoid such things with acts that don’t really involve touching like stroking a feather over a body or masturbating in front of each other, but a penetration party with pretty “normal” sex almost always lead to at least one or two bruises.

Having clamps on breasts or in other places are very common and so is some smacking, spanking etc. So what is the problem here? Why does the court feel it necessary to bring such a case to trial?

Well first it is the “age-thing”. A 16y old girl shouldn’t have sexual desires. Even in our time and age women’s sexuality is almost a taboo subject. And having desires that borders to torture with an elderly man? Oh… that’s horrible.

Secondly - and this is really the important part - authorities like to show us who’s in charge. They cannot let us get away with personal feelings and have our own way of doing things. They want us to feel ashamed and being uncertain about what we can and cannot do. This is how they govern. They want us afraid and they want us feeling monitored.

You should be outraged that the court is taking two consenting peoples sexact to trial. This is the ultimate test of despotism, if they get away with this, they can get away with anything. If you let them dictate your sexlife you have lost.

So if any female (couples, or groups) out there want to test exactly the thing mentioned in the news about this case, please let me know. I’ll be there in a heartbeat, and will even do worse. I like everything with sex. Everything from soft kissing in candlelight’s to rough cage-spanking in the dungeon. I will never let anyone tell me otherwise, and neither should you.

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