Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Want a reward? Become a war-criminal!

Since the warmongering Obamination won the Nobel Peace Prize I’ve just waited for the next criminal to win an award. The Nobel Peace Prize seem to come with a label that demands a certain amount of murdered, raped and tortured - otherwise you cannot win it.

The Philadelphia-based National Constitution Centre apparently has similar reasons for handing out their medals because now the former Prime Minister Tony Blair has received the Liberty Medal for his global human rights work and commitment to international conflict resolution.

That’s nice, isn’t it? Kill enough people, start a couple of wars, destroy the economy and lie about it and you get a medal or a peace prize.

Blair who lately has been out journeying signing his new book was praised by Bill Clinton during the ceremony. Former President Clinton said Blair was a "wonderful world citizen" and "living a life worthy of this award".

Out in the real world Blair has been facing hostile crowds that have thrown shoes and eggs at him at a book-signings in Dublin and London, but facing another representative of the enemy class he gets a medal…

This is what the world has come to. The enemies of the people eat, dine, party and throw rewards at each other (all of which you pay for) while issuing “save the earth” statements. In the real world unemployment is very high, inflation runs wild and debt mountains climbs higher than ever before.

“Let ‘em eat cake”

When will it be enough? When will you stop throwing shoes and start throwing knives? When will the guillotine come out again? I guess it cannot be too far until that happens.

So ask me again why I think this world is facing a very scary scenario very soon when the world markets collapse…


  1. Scum like you is what needs to be killed off.

  2. thanks! Haven't got enough of those posts lately. Starting to feel like I am loosing my touch.

  3. yw. Glad you acknowledge what is obvious to any sane human being. And here's hoping you and your family is blown to a pink mist by a crazed bomber.

  4. Thanks! And the same to you. Hugs!