Saturday, January 16, 2010

The three stooges and lots of stupid Haitians

President Obuma met with his two immediate predecessors, Georgie W. Chimp and Fatty Clinton, whom he has designated to lead what is meant to be a massive private fundraising effort for Haiti.

"These two leaders send an unmistakable message to the people of Haiti and the world," Obama wheezed of the former presidents flanking him and so showing the horror cabinet of puppet masters bent to destroy the world. And the hairless chimp that did such a great job with Hurricane Katrina will probably ease the minds of suffering Haitians, don’t you think? Oh, and remember how great and quickly they rebuild the World Trade Center?

The criminals in action

In the meanwhile we’ve already seen how street gangs, politicians and other criminals have stolen aid pouring in. No surprise there, one of the world’s most socialized and corrupt nations filled with dictator-wannabes cannot build houses or hospitals, but stealing works fine within their leftie way of life.

I wrote from the very start that hundreds of millions will disappear if we just send them aid with no thought behind it, but that sort of talk isn’t popular among the righteous elitists, action is what matters, don’t think, don’t reflect, and never give in to rational ideas. People are in trouble, they couldn’t help that they never built proper structures, always listen to to totalitarian ideas and live by and for criminal intentions. No… So let’s send them money so they can withhold this leftie paradise and never learn how to take care of themselves.

And sheople all around us are crying over the dead rushing to send money without a single thought on how this could have happened. You see most of the dead would be alive today if Haiti had embraced personal freedom as their guiding star. And the press, useless as always, refuses to reflect over that the policies of this poor nation is the main reason why they need so much help. Probably because most journalists has the same basic believes as that which have govern Haiti for so long.

Haiti will consequently continue to be poor and the next time some despot comes to power or another natural disaster strikes, they will need our help again.

This is so stupid, but one cannot expect more from you idiots out there.

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