Saturday, January 16, 2010

If I need an orgasm, I can grease my own hamster

Apparently Jennifer Love Hewitt has thrown what the media calls ‘a sexparty’ where she and some friends checked out some of the latest sex-toys. I’ve no idea whether or not this story is true, media tend to lie, but if it is, is it news?

Maybe, the girl in question is, or rather was, pretty hot and she is famous despite the rapid decline of her TV-show. So maybe the public has the right to know what sort of dildoes Jennifer puts in her orifice, but I still cannot help to wonder why the fascination exists. I mean, who doesn’t spank the monkey now and again? And since I dated, and almost married, a former nun I can also confirm that the stories of nuns having the Bible, a crucifix and a dildo by the bed are true. So everyone does it.

Maybe the actual usage should be the real news? That some actress is getting off with sex-toys isn’t really the story, rather how she use them. Does she put in an anal-plug while using the clit kisser? Is her preference to sit on an Afro American Whopper while having her nipples wired? Does she has the best orgasm with a Nexus Junior Blue Shimmer or with an 18 Crystal Jelly Double Dong? Can her man watch her or does she put on a strap-on with the intent on playing the manly part of the act?

These are the sort of questions I might find interesting, at least from a learning point of view. You see you’re never fully learned comes to sex. You may think so, but then you’d be wrong. Everyone is different, like different things, so whenever you jump into the sack some or maybe even all previous experience goes out the window.

Whatever Jennifer Love Hewitt (sounds like a porno name doesn’t it?) has been doing, I hope she makes it over the hill again and again. If people in this world got more orgasms I do believe we would have more peaceful societies. Make love, not war.