Thursday, October 1, 2009

Having car sickness

US September auto sales drop 23% from a year earlier. GM's plunge 45% and Chrysler's fall 43%; Honda and Toyota also report double-digit slides.

New car sales fell in September as the predicted post-"cash for clunkers" slump dragged the U.S. market down to its lowest levels in seven months.

Analysts worried that the program would pull forward some sales that otherwise would have taken place in subsequent months; that scenario appears to have played out, based on these early results.

An idiot could have figured this one out. A monkey could have predicted it and any single-celled organism saw it coming miles away. The most messed up heroin-addict that just got shot in the head with a semi-automatic have no problem understanding this, so how come it sounds like some executive people and politicians are surprised?

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