Saturday, July 4, 2009

What’s next? Part I - More shootings

While the depression keeps ticking away and the forbearers of doom (myself included) tries to warn and educate, court jesters appears in the news, as representatives of the oppressors, telling us that things are looking better, picking up and that we soon will see the end of this recession. The economies are still going badly, the unemployment still increasing, the numbers of foreclosures going up and GDP keeps sinking but everything at a slower speed which in the eyes of those in charge is good news. It all reminds me of a sea captain telling passengers that everything is okay. Life-jackets have been sold to pay for more delicious aperitifs and there was no need for life boats since the ship couldn’t sink so while water pours in and the ship starts the descend towards the abyss speakers onboard play the national anthem and the crew is eager to assure that nothing is wrong...

I have mentioned this before but it is time to put this phenomenon into its future context and also lift this as another prediction of the future. What I’m talking about is people going bananas, picking up a gun and going on a mad rampage. Those kinds of incidents have occurred much more than we would like, but I’m here to tell you there will be an increase both in regards to death toll and the number of individuals going postal.

When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.

If someone loses his/her job, the bank repossesses the house and there is no hope left, people will act accordingly. In several cases this have happened already, but with sky-rocketing unemployment, an increasing inflation and with the economic situation as bad or worse than today we will see more of these maniacs losing it. And I’m not only talking about the US even if this particular sport seems to be more in fashion “over there” , no, I’m talking about a worldwide increase. I have tried to find statistics about this phenomenon but so far with no luck, there is no real interest from governments to keep record of such events, but I urge you all to keep a close eye on the news and read what is going on through blogs (that are the best information network available) and through the Internet. This because I, the Oracle, herby foresee this inevitable increase and next time it happens it will not be in a foreign land, it will be at your school, at your job or in your town.

Since most of you are unarmed – thanks to the government not wanting you to protect yourself – there is little to do during such an event other than call the police that, if you get through on the line, will arrive half an hour later just in time to start collecting body parts for evidence.

Of course there will be an increase in most crimes - stealing things will probably be numero uno which is intolerable for the government who do not what competition in this particular field. But reaching the headlines will be those massacres so you better prepare for ‘em, I know I have, bought more popcorn today.

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