Friday, July 31, 2009

Illegal imprisonments

Today in Swedish newspapers we can read about how one man have been convicted for pimping prostitutes and another one, one of Sweden’s most notorious criminals, has been found guilty of smuggling drugs. In other words, not actual crimes. (In the prostitution case, however, the man in question had, also, molested a minor, but that is something different.)Drugs as well as prostitution should, of course, be legal since those things are something we do to ourselves and our own bodies. If you have been convicted for real crimes like rape, burglary or robbery is one thing, buying a commodity to sell it to others, crow your own crops or sell parts of you to others is something else.

There is no rational reason for such laws since all they do is force people underground, makes drugs/prostitution more expensive and more profitably which consequently leads to mafia organizations emerging.

There is no humanitarian reason for such laws because the illegality makes drugs more dangerous to buy. Instead of buying drugs at the supermarket people need to buy it from a shabby man in the alley and the information of what you are buying isn’t always available hence more overdoses.

Instead of going to a clean, healthy whore-house where everyone is tested for AIDS, hepatitis and such, people need to get blow jobs in basements or anal penetrations in some crappy apartment.

In addition, there is no economic reason for it. Because of all the additional danger, thanks to the law, people get hurt more often and end up, more frequently, at hospitals. Because of higher prices people do more crimes to found their habits, and because of prostitution being illegal it means higher risks for both seller and buyer. The government also “must” throw billions of tax payer money to stop these “crimes” in addition to having police officers and lawyers, which could chase after real criminals like murderers and bankers, instead need to focus their attention to “crimes” that have no victim. All this, and much more, means that the cost is extremely high in comparison with the humanitarian and moral alternative.

We should legalize all drugs which would empty most prisons, save hundreds of lives each year in Sweden alone, and it would free much needed founds for hunting real criminals and it would eliminate every criminal organizations that thrive upon this madness. But, most important of all; it would make us, the individuals, kings over our own bodies. If I want to inject, eat, nibble on or smoke any kind of drug, that is my problem, not yours and certainly not the governments. Why should anyone have the “right” of telling me what to do with my own body?

We should legalize prostitution which also would save lives, make the trade healthier and everyday life much easier. This would also be a staggering blow to many criminal organisations since prostitution also is a big revenue source. Sure there are abnormalities on the fringes of the sex-trade, like slaves being smuggled or child molestations. But those irregularities would be much easier to handle and come to grips with if the mafia got a staggering blow and legal prostitutes were available to the law instead of hiding from it. Most whore-houses would, for competitive purposes, see to it that their business is clean.

Prostitution and doing drugs has always been mankind’s favourite past times and this will never change, but hopefully the law will change so less people get hurt and we can spend time worrying about some real problems, like the economy.


  1. nice thought, and if I sell a atomic bombs to taliban terrorists then it is just selling and not a crime?!?! If so I am willing to do so, because I belive there are quite a few bleeding heart liberals who need to stop smoking stuff they shouldnt. Of course sellng drugs is illegal, or havent You ever seen a drug dependent slave,... taking about free will - those dont have any, and of course any man has the right to kill him self the way he wants, but that is horrendious.

    wake up

  2. And again we see on uninformed baboon arguing a case that isn’t there. Selling a bomb to some terrorist is equivalent to me doing what I want with my body? Yeah, right… As I say in my post, there is no argument for having these things illegal, only scare mongering and useless comparisons.

    And yes, I do have meet one or two drug dependent people, have actually worked with a project once with such people involved. However, you are not making a case, there is no argument. Maybe you are one of those people that thinks illegality make things go away which is the only thing that explain your “argument”. Such a notion, however, is at best futile, at worst you are actually arguing for killing other people. The effect of making drugs illegal is more people dying and more suffering. Just look at the drug war in Mexico, thousands of people are dying completely unnecessary and it is all thanks to the government and people like you.

    Who are you to tell me what to drink, eat, inject or smoke? Who are you to argue that people most die so you can live in that pink fluffy stupidity of believing drugs goes away because they are illegal? Why should you, or anyone else, have the “right” to control, monitor and rule my very body?

    What you want is people dying for no reason, you want more crimes, you want mafia, you want more suffering and you want “someone else” to decide over our physical being. That, sir, makes you a very horrendous man. Wake up!

  3. You want me to pay taxes so the hospitals can take care of all the ones that have done what they wanted to their bodies.

  4. A) Your opinions are rubbish
    B) Your english is rubbish
    C) I am an idiot to comment on this nonsense

  5. Anonymous one:
    No, of course not. People should be paying for that themselves. However, these people would need hospital help regardless and since most countries have public healthcare systems, it makes no difference. In fact, it is highly likely that the number of cases would go down, at least overdoses since information is available and you can buy drugs at the nearest store.

    Anonymous two:
    Thank you!!

    Anonymous Three:
    A) No
    B) Nah, not really, still miss some and my sentences sometimes need to be looked at, but I’m working on it.
    C) Well, I would argue that the idiot part comes from your opinions, not your comment, but I thank you for it since, again, it proves me right that there is no argument against legalizing drugs and prostitution.

  6. Its not the taxpayers task to pay for drug slaves hospital bills. The slaves have no power to get a normal income just because they are slaves to drugs.

    Easy as that ... so in such cases the only outcome would be execution of drugdealers. No prison and no recovery (which doesn't work anyway).

  7. haha, you got owd in the first post

  8. a question, to what whorehouse will the people with AIDS and/or HIV go too?

    A black market will emerge yes...or you will have an whore house for people with aids?

    when something is legal you should be able to get it yes like your free drugs at 18 years old? what about selling heroin to 16 year olds? to 10 year old? will you allow that or will a black marked emerge????

    your blind belief in liberalism and laisse faire is a bit stupid.

    the dynamics of peoples behavior have importance...and a nother one

    heroin ok , marijuana ok then comes lsd oklll
    the they will sell CRACK

    and crack is sold in supermarkets? well the future for mankind is then doomed..oh ok
    crack is allowed and then they sell something even worse.....

    eventually you will no longer be liberal laisse faire totally

    the maffia started when the moralistic people stopped alcohol and smuggling of that was illegal...after the legalisation the mafia that got rich from alcohol smuggling lost its market and needed a new product and heroin was that a way you are riht and in a way you are totally wrong...:-)

    its a complicated world