Thursday, March 12, 2009

Idiotism and jealousy

Of course the Swedish newspapers need to follow up their”story” about executives getting higher salaries at one of Sweden’s biggest banks. And of course it has nothing to do with journalism or news, only sensationalism and jealousy. Apparently this bank have arranged a conference, which is very much evil in itself. Then it costs money! Oh my… The journalists who write craps like this have never been on a weekend at some hotel going to lectures, they have meetings at seven eleven and if they are lucky they get a cup of coffee on the company. Don’t you think so? Fake puritan weasels like the journalists in Sweden who constantly bombard citizen with socialist lunacy and infest people’s minds with resentment towards others is one of the main reasons why humanity is going down the hill. They don’t want to give you news, they want to create it and hand it to you in a cocksmelling package wrapped with the strings of totalitarianism. And you swallow it like the stupid microorganism you are. Even the most brainless ones should see straight through this garbage, but people don’t. And that’s why journalists can sit on their fat behinds picking up other peoples hard work or create news from nothing, twist it a little, and sell it to you while they are picking up their paycheck they don’t deserve. If you really feel the urge to be jealous you should be it towards journalists, no other working group does so little for so much. The immorality of journalists should be discussed, not some company business meeting.


  1. "of cause"? Check your spelling before you come down on people's intelligence.
    Apart from that...really, you're too full of yourself to be taken seriously. Disgraceful.

  2. Oh and it's spelled "wrapped", not "rapped".

    If you persist in using English because it's cooler than Swedish, at least get it right.

  3. And your point is? Ive lived and worked in the UK for three years now and when in comes to your argument about bad journalists that creating jealousy and sensationalism, please tell me in what way swedes newspapers differ from UKs...

    I know that lot of the Swedens expats likes to complain about the "ankdamm" (which it is in many ways) but have some distance, please!

  4. How long have you been an Internationalian, puppy Teddybear?
    You obviously do not think it is that important to be skilled in the language you choose for writing.
    Fast måhända är du ändå sämre på svenska!

  5. Thanks, always good to be corrected in regard to language. Certain I have more wrongs if you look for them.

  6. IDIOT.

    Seasationalist journalism in Sweden? Have you ever taken a look at rags such as The Sun, New of the World, Daily Mirror, Daily Star and so on. There might be shit journalism in Sweden, but it has nothing on those piles of poo.

    I would assume your degrees are mail order ones, as you seem to lack the nuanced reasoning I hope one would have to have to achieve any degree whatsoever. Read up on what is going on in SEB before you start blabbering, you Thatcherite wannabe.

  7. And I wouldn’t say British journalists are better, in general rather the opposite. But there is one big difference, UK has a bigger variation of news and papers and UK have some journalists that actually do their job. What Swedish journalists does is to copy pretty much everything that the British and American ones do and then twist it so it fits in their world. And if they don’t get “news” that way, they get others to do their work for them. If you send them a news story or editorial that has some kind of sensationalism attached to it, they will use all of or part of it and this of course politicians and others know about. I actually don’t know about any kind of occupation that demands so little and pays so much. Does anyone else?

  8. And Thatcher was a leftie

  9. Right, what would you call quality U.K. journalism then? There isn't much, just like there isn't in Sweden - but even the shittiest rags in Sweden keep well above the shittiest in the British Isles.

    So you think journalism has no importance in society? Oh, and working for certain banks sure seems to.


    Dropped on your head much?

  11. I didn’t say U.K. Journalism had “quality”, I said they have more variety then their Swedish counterparts and that some of them actually work for a living. And I didn’t say journalism has no importance in society either. It has a very important part. However, the so called news and articles that are produced is seldom news and when it is they twist it to fit their world. Sure you need to accept some personal interest in a story, but it is apparent that journalists (at least about 98% of them) live on the socialist welfare planet of idiocy. Working for a bank can also be very important, if its not the central bank that is.

  12. Yes, Thatcher was a leftie in the sense that she did have trust in government. She also didn’t lower taxes or eliminated enough laws to get on my good side. Granted she is one of the better politicians we have seen, but that says more about the rest then of her.

  13. Please keep checking for those misspellings. We all know that some misses here and there are the most important part of any text.

  14. Variety is not an end in itself if all it consists of is a variation of the amount of what non-topic (football, page 3-girls and what Britney's been up to) they focus on.

    So what exactly consitutes newsworthy news according to you? How is the increase of salaries of bank managers not interesting to their shareholders and the general market?

    Just because you don't agree with the reporting of a newsitem does not mean the reportin is twisted, it might be something else that is rather twisted...

    I'd rather live on the socialist welfare planet of idiocy than in the world you seem to advocate. The way you put the word welfare in there with idiocy says a lot.

  15. I don’t presume to tell someone else what “news” is. That’s a personal opinion. But there is very hard to see that a company having meetings and dining at a hotel is “news”. That happens every weekend, or rather every day. Is there any company or organisation that doesn’t to the same? And if you read the article it is filled with words that are meant to get you upset and it is put in a context to get you jealous and angry. That’s “creating” news, not reporting it.

    And I know you rather live in idiocy rather than in a rational world of humanity, your are human and as most others on this planet you think you can get something for nothing and that governments can be good or help you out. So you are an idiot. And there is no need to worry about “my world”, because freedom, liberty and justice will never become a reality because of stupid people like you.

  16. Hahaha, I see you were not in Britain during Thatchers reign.

    Her whole policy was to dismount government and reduce state intervetion. Every Brit knows these things. She scrapped the higher income tax bracket, sold off state owned companies etc. etc.

    She didn't just break the backs of the miners, she broke the back of Britain. Look at it now, it's disintegrating, and it all started tubling proper during her reign.

    Go google Reaganomics, that's her, Brit version.

    Ok, as you've proven yerself to really have no footing for your agruments I don't see the point of skiving of work to discuss with you.

    Go back to school.

  17. What happens in a company is of interest to the shareholders, obviously. You don't seem to get that.

    Hahaha, if a socialist, equal world with welfare is idiocy, you'll find a lot of people want to live there, rather than where you are dreaming of.

    Have footing before you assume people (in this case me) stand there waiting for govenment help, because you've just proven how far you are off reality you are.

    Freedom for companies to do what they want, you mean? You don't know the meaning of those words. Humanity? YOU of all people talk about humanity? HAHAHA.



  18. Thatcher’s policy was to reduce government, not dismantle it. And I’m not saying she didn’t do some good, I’m just saying she is too far to the left to tickle my senses. Both she and Reagan are/were without a doubt the two best state leaders during the 20th century, but that doesn’t make them great or even good. It just means they were better then the others, which, as I said, says more about the others then of Reagan and Thatcher.
    Thatcher turned Britain around, from a very low point. And until labour started to fuck things up, you were going somewhere. Now U.K. is heading for a fall and is in worst shape of all western countries.
    Well I have no real reason to argue with or discus with anyone. I once thought that people could be reasoned with and if you just told them the truth they would be saved. But the real world doesn’t work like that. People are either to stupid to understand or, which is most common, they don’t want to know. Consequently I tell it like is, you are all idiots. So instead of doing the “correct” thing and try to dispute an issue and maybe you would like me or some of what I say, I don’t care. Hate me, love me or discard me. I write because it sooths me and it is a good way to learn better English. I don’t write to convince idiots like you how things really work. If you would like to learn, pick up a book or try to see through the smokescreen. From me you only get the naked truth; you are an idiot.

  19. I'll let you believe that if it brings a smile to your face.

  20. Yes I do get that shareholders have an interest in a company. But if any of them don’t know that the executives and managers, as well as pretty much everyone else, sometimes have discussions, meetings, educations and that this often takes place at larger retreats or hotels, then they are idiots. Every company and organisation that exists does the same. My latest big political meeting I was at cost 11 million kronor, and that’s tax money.

    And then again, you prove my point. Pretty much everyone in this world want to live with welfare and with a strong big government. Which is the idiocy I’m talking about. Everyone thinks they can live of plenty that no one pays for and that governments have a good innuendo, which is nonsense.

    Companies should be able to roam free within the common ground rules of liberty, just as everyone else. Today we have armed forces (governments) that rule over and demand obedience from the people (unarmed). And this everyone thinks is great. “As long as I get my social security check on the expense of my neighbour, its fine.”