Tuesday, March 15, 2022

The end is nigh - goodbye everyone

Sadly the plan to destroy the western world is now in full effect. The middle-age white christian male has been turned into a weakling that accept untested vaccines and agrees to fight fictitious enemies while his job, savings, and family is slowly getting destroyed. 

The high and mighty have succeeded. They have turn the world into their semi-fascist / semi-communist nightmare which is growing in power for each day that passes. Media is nothing but a mouth-piece and everyone is now accepting two mutually opposing beliefs simultaneously as correct and the norm. 

Strangely, and completely out of the blue, the only ones opposing this approaching evil are two evil empires; China and Russia. Do not get fooled, these two monstrous entities would gladly impose upon us their own version of totalitarianism. However the key word is "their" i.e. they will fight the world order since their place within is subservient and neither one will such accept. 

In the end though the collapse of the world financial system will utterly destroy China, and drive Russia back into poverty and isolation. Unless this lead to nuclear war, which is not unlikely, both of these evil empires will need to bow down to the globalists and accept their global CBDC as the new payment for everything. And the financial collapse have already started - the fattest woman in history is about to sing the highest note ever heard. 

Although I feel very sad to be part of this end of life as we know it, and having no power to fight the approaching storm and slavery, I am also partly calm and somewhat happy because I know something most do not - within the coming decades the sun will end civilisation. 

It take too long to explain but every 12,000 year or so, almost as clockwork, the sun have a massive eruption that historically have been the most tumultuous and apocalyptical events in the Earths memory. This has been proven as an occurring fact and all signs point to us now heading for another one of these events while the Earths magnetic field is weaker than ever. The Magnetic field is what normally stops most geomagnetic storms, solar outbursts and mini-novas to destroy all life, but seeing it being so weak a big solar eruption will not only hit big parts of the earth directly, killing all living things in the blast radius, it will also lead to displacement of the Earth crust and cast the magnetic fields and magnetic south/north into total chaos. The time is almost up. Most likely we have less than two decades, perhaps only one from the time I am writing this. Those living in a doomsday bunker, or in somewhat safety in caves in mountain regions might survive, and there are some parts of the world, especially in Africa, that will do "okay". But the few survivors will awaken to a completely different world, and hopefully this time we can rebuild it into something better and less evil than we managed in the past. 

This will be my very last entry in this blog and I am also leaving all social media. I want to live in reclusion and contemplation without listning to what is going on in the world. Nothing is more depressing than hearing a politician urge people to die, or a rich old man state that we all need to make sacrifices. This world do not deserve to live, you, the people, the idiots, you do not deserve to live. I feel sorry for all the children that will not have the choice to make, but for the rest of you; Fuck you all. 

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