Thursday, January 23, 2014

The vilest of organisations and a few drug cartels

Anyone surprised by THESE news?

Although I can see the benefits, at least in the short run, I have a hard time figuring out why the, in comparison, nicer and less evil would want to team up with such a despicable and abominable murderous entity as the US government.

Though, from a government standpoint, I see lots of advantages. First they create the drug lords and cartels through the inhuman “war on drugs”, then they use government entities to get money from the drug trade and through the entire process they induce pain, suffering and fear into the general public - and where do people go to ease their suffering and to what entity do they run with their fears? That’s right! To Government!

It’s a Machiavellian scheme with a Faustian smell of such evil it makes all cartoon villains head for retirement.

The leaders of our obese TV-watching generation love this arrangement. It makes them feel important, it gives them power and they get to send killer squads into jungles to hunt down their previous friends and benefactors. This while useful idiot’s campaign outside public offices demanding harsher penalties and increased government founding for drug education of the young while our masters, inside mentioned offices, snort a line and rub their hands together while signing another petition to send more of the mentioned young to pointless wars.

 The truth, as always, is hidden, ignored and spat at.

If you tell someone that legalisation would save countless lives and end drug cartels, they look at you as if you´re wearing a pink tutu and you´d just told them you´re from another galaxy and that you love to eat puppies for dinner. If you tell your neighbour that ending the “war on drugs” would almost completely stop people from dying of overdoses, he will think you have a meth lab in the basement and will probably call the cops. If you argue that drugs on a free market would be cleaner, healthier and be available at the nearest store instead of buying from shady characters people will laugh at you. If you tell relatives that terrorism would, practically, end across the world if drugs were legal, they think you´re joking. And, worse of all, when you tell people about the government-fear-cartel paradigm no one will believe you.

Perhaps this revelation will change a few minds, but generally the public will continue to go with their fears over to the most corrupt, inept, lawless and evil group in the world; their own government.

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