Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How the west was lost

We really lost our way didn´t we? Perceived beacons of progress and democracy are failing across the globe but the nations standing to lose the most and consequently the ones that will crash the hardest are we in the west.

We had the base, we had the riches, we had at least an embryo of well-functioning institutions, and we used to have a decent level of market economy hence a decent level of freedom.

It’s all but gone - only a few vestiges remains, and only a handful of people remembers and knows how we reached decent levels of prosperity and why we lost it.

There are a lot of reasons why we lost our way, but here are the cliff notes.

Progressives and socialists influenced journalism with illogical dogmas and journalists consequently keep spewing out incoherent sentences like those coming from schizophrenics with Tourette's.

Our schools are a small version of society of itself, combining all the warmest feelings of a federal work camp with that of a third world poultry farm. They are nothing more but an assembly lines spewing out mindless automatons dumb enough to never look behind the curtain but just barely smart enough to still be able to work the machines.

Keynesian doctrines rule supreme among our mainstream cornflake economists and it has gone so far that we give the Nobel Prize in economy to a complete idiot who´s arguing that Alien invading our planet can save the financial system from collapsing.

We need to blame politicians for changing the name of the game and we also need to blame them for continuously doing the complete opposite of what is both morally correct and economically sound.

Banksters and many within the high and mighty sphere should also be blamed and should be garroted together with the rest of the misfits mentioned above.

There is lots of blame to go around but the truth of the matter is that at its core, at the very heart of our problem and the main instigator of all these heinous crimes; is You.

You let it all happen – you even cheered them on.

Can we really blame detached politicians going on crusades against liberty or blame them when they run to prostitutes or waste tax money on statues, wars and pointless projects when we vote for them over, and over, and over again..? We´re giving them a carte blanche, would be strange if they didn´t take full advantage of it.

Can we really blame banksters for coming up with schemes surpassing and topping that of cartoon villains when we voluntarily hand over our money and give them our consent?

Can we really blame journalists for copy and pasting news via Google translate when we keep buying their papers? Can we really blame media for dumbing us down when all we want is to read about Brittney Spears latest nip-slip?

 The truth is that we´re crashing and burning and very possibly heading for World War III because you, all of you, let it happen. With a few min of reading each day or if you picked up a calculator and did some basic arithmetic comes to the state of affairs, you would find out the truth. It’s actually very easy. All the information is out there.

Many of you are idiots by birth or indoctrination, but most of you are idiots by choice. It’s not hard to find out what caused The Greatest Depression befallen us, and it’s not hard to understand that all they´ve been doing and saying is the complete opposite of what needs to be done, but you made a conscious decision not to. Watching American idol and keep running within that wheel is much more important to you then starving Africans.

Reality however is a bitch and sooner or later she always wins.

You cannot walk through walls, you cannot magically bring forth money and riches, $1 is always $1, and you can never get something for nothing. Such absolute truths you have all tried to avoid, tried to circumvent. It’s time to pay for it.

Sadly most of you will refuse to; you will again look for that easy fix, again defiantly ignore that bitchy reality. Consequently half of you will listen to leftie salespersons promising jobs and prosperity while arguing that an ill-defined group called “the rich” will be pay for it while they´re actually robbing all of us. The other half will listen to hysterical tiny men offering hysterical solutions to hysterical problems and under a banner of collectivist hysteria you will put on combat boots and march towards a totalitarian future.

No one, or at least very few of you, will listen to me and people like me who´s been warning about and predicting every single step taken. We knew what was coming, most of us knew years before, but listening to us You will never do because reality is not something you are ready to acknowledge.
This is why all I see up ahead is despair, war, famine and even the potentiality of a Zombie Apocalypse.

You let this happen; you effectively sold the body, soul and future of yourself and your kids and grandkids to soul-sucking malevolent thugs in exchange for a few trinkets today. ´Give me stuff today and fuck tomorrow´ is the decree you live by, and few of you understand the idiocy of it.

History has already proven me right and reality and future generations (if any survives) may even honor people like me with commemorations but by then we´ll be long gone - probably eaten by a diseased ridden populace erratically stumbling around the countryside in search for jobs, food and shelter.

But do you know what really pisses me off? Entering a defaulting world filled with corpses and wars and getting eaten by zombie-like moron’s isn´t the worst - the worst is that you idiots will complain about it. You, the guilty one and the main cause of our current and rapidly approaching worse dilemma will complain and that is really fuckin annoying.

Get bent - all of you. You fully deserve what is coming and don´t you dare complain about it to me unless you want to stare down the barrel of a shotgun.

And to those few out there recognizing reality for what it is; try to see the fun in it. There are hilarious things going on in the world and things gets funnier each day that passes. 

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