Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Schrodingers cat will return announcing a litter of kittens

Ever had a drinking game with Schrodinger's cat?

Is the Euro dead and alive at the same time? For anyone with any tiny inkling of what is going in the world of the übermench that question is valid.

First off it seems that the Greek fiasco is heading for a grand finale with default and other funnies following suit. To me this is a good thing for the Greeks. Well, it could be. The oily Aegean’s will more than likely turn towards communism (or fascism) to find a solution when the Euro is no more and their drachma is crashing down. If they could turn back to Byzantine gold solidus and/or bronze nummi as well as realizing that their carefree attitude and voting for the same soul-sucking entities over and over is the rote of the problem, well then they would be fine. More than fine. That, however, will not happen.

After Greece it can be Portugal, or Ireland, or Italy, or Spain, or...

Regardless of how this exactly will play out, I´ve known since the dawn of this slapstick project that the Euro was a dead bird calmly swaying on the waves of Shark infested waters. But the actual deathblow to the Marxist idea of ECB and the hammer of destruction coming down on the centralized euro really got started when they headed down this road of bail-outs, austerity measures and bankster swindles. The very moment they decided to print more Euros to throw at the fire the coinage of the EuroBastards have been doomed to fail miserably.

The unelected bureaucrats, the bought and paid for media, pundits, lobbyists and a horde of tricksters keep saying this or that, but in the heart of things many of them know that the end of their Hitleresque dream is nigh. They will drag it out, of course, and in doing so worsen the situation even more, but in the end the dead euro, in its current format, will be nothing more than a footnote in our history books.

But will that be the end of their malevolent project? Of course not.

The euro will make a comeback. As euro part deux, or as the northern Euro, or as a divided one Euro expert and one Euro light. Some speculate that the Germans will go back to their mark and/or that the euro zone will break up completely with lots of national currencies on the table. I hardly think so. There is too much at stake here. Prestige has been invested in this nightmare project, and those deemed better will not let any pesky riots and crashing economies stand in their way of unifying Europeans in their version of currency socialism. And our beloved Banksters have a field day manipulating bonds and certain countries - who can forget how Evil Inc. (Goldman Sachs) and their compatriots helped the Greeks to deceive themselves and the ECB to let Greece join the euro?

Furthermore there are jobs at stake. Cushy, comfy, very high paid jobs wherein the elitist can fly around Europe with lots of free dinners and a huge smorgasbord of delicious freebees curtsey of the taxpayers. Will those thousands upon thousands of administrators, cornflake economists and bureaucrats just lay down, admit defeat and, in their best case scenario, go back to a less paid job closer to home? Of course not. They will fight to their deaths in order to be able to keep munching on caviar while drinking champagne together with their brothers in crime.

Money, prestige, comfy high paid jobs and the dream of European unification à la Napoléon will, unless a new big war erupts - which seem more likely for each day that passes - make it so that the malicious idea of the Euro will not go away anytime soon.

Another situation about to break out into funnies is the Iran VS The Rest situation.

Iranians continue to throw cute puppies around while raping preteens, having target practise on innocent civilians and committing war crimes on a daily basis and of course, having started several wars in the area, keep murdering millions of Muslims in the process... oh wait... that was their aggressive counterpart, but who cares? It is the Iranians who threatens everyone and everything. Of course they do.

Just have a look at this picture:

While the public is being told that terrorists are about to strike on U.S. soil, the U.S. government itself has armed and funded Al-Qaeda terrorists in Libya to overthrow Gaddafi and is now backing Al-Qaeda groups in Iran to carry out bombings and assassinations in an effort to undermine the Ahmadinejad government. The same terrorists used in Libya were also subsequently airlifted into Syria as part of an effort to depose President Bashir Assad. Knowing this, and what else goes on and have been happening, is it surprising that China and Russia vetoed sanctions towards Syria?

U.S. and its compatriots are seemingly on a world domination tour, this time being the aggressor, this time being the one doing the murdering and performing despicable acts of crimes against humanity.

Sure it can be argued that many of these regimes had it coming, and in certain aspects opposing and deposing dictators and horrible governments is a good thing, but since the U.S. to a large degree is responsible for the mess they are now claiming to be cleaning up and since her butchers are making things worse, not better, can we really claim that America is on the side of good? Imagine if it was Russia, China or even Iran doing the very same thing the U.S. slaughter machine is doing. Imagine the screams and what media would say and write if that was the case.

The America that once was is no more. The republic is dead and the few vestiges of freedom remaining is clinging on to a very thin thread. This while U.S. citizens borrow cash from China, Saudi Arabia and Japan in order to be able to pay for sending their children overseas to murder Muslims or be killed themselves. And with both the inflationary tactics of Bernie the spender and the leftie ideas of dictator wannabe Oduma in mind, it’s not hard to see the huge similarities with another fallen republic turn to fascism and then taken over by hordes of barbarians one and a half millennia ago.

From the ashes of the republic have risen something else entirely, something that is very similar to the former Nazis and Communists it once fought.

Although the idea of America is dead on a grander scale, it lives on the heart of many of its citizens trying to get the word out through Ron Paul. Too bad a bought and paid for media and The Powers That Be do everything and anything, including voting fraud, to hinder what in all likelihood is the last hope of a once great nation.

While media and pundits still try to cable out “good news” about the economy and while The Powers keep pointing to a few ´green shoot´ in order to keep you, the idiot of the story, to spend all your money on useless things - the Greatest Depression keep building momentum.

The Euro is dead, America is dead, the world economy is dead, hundreds of thousands of Iranians are dead, but they are all still very much alive.

So far.

I wonder for how long...


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