Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Great Tribulation about to kick off again?

It seems that a couple of thinking adults believe that financial Armageddon is picking up speed again and that we’re only a short step from round two of the collapse.

Me, I am not so sure. Yes it is October and yes looking at numbers we should already be burning in hell, but I don’t get the feeling that we’re heading over the cliff right now. The manipulations and scams haven’t completely run out of steam yet, and people in general are still hopelessly hoodwinked by spin-doctors gone extreme.

So no, I don’t think it is time yet.

Of course the dollar will, over time, continue to go down while precious metals and agriculture going the other way. We will continue to receive bunches of ‘good news’ while we in reality are digging the grave deeper and deeper. All along some countries will show slight improvement while others will try to avoid getting dragged down alongside Japan and the PIGgies.

I believe that there will be an event that really puts in the fifth gear. If this event is a country defaulting, a currency really going down the crapper, a huge terrorist attack or a certain market crashing is anyone’s guess – hey! I am rooting for all four - but the point is that as long as nothing out of the norm happens I feel that the powers that be can keep things pretty smooth for a while, probably another year or two.

And frankly it is more fun if we let them add to the sandcastle for a while. We’re already at the Greatest of all Depressions full out bloody hell of a mess stage, but if they are allowed to borrow, and spend and ruin all they touch a little longer, oh my, then it is goodbye sweet humanity, goodbye. If we are to destroy life as we know it, I prefer a real bang instead of hundreds of smaller ones.

With that said, you cannot really discard things like this either. Or this. And we do have THIS to take into account… Also seeing how the Swedish Finance Mentalist is putting away 57 billion kronor for “unforeseen expenditures” sends out a certain; 'hello - what's going on?', don't you think?

Prepare folks, its coming, and it’s going to blow your mind. Probably not this week, but soon…

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