Friday, March 19, 2010

The Justice Mentalist from hell

The four-winged soul-killer and devourer of innocence, Sweden’s Justice Mentalist, Beatrice Ask, is at it again.

She started with imposing and supporting the greatest control-grid ever seen outside totalitarian societies hence destroying most of Swedish democracy. Then she set out to force adolescent kids to take drug tests without parents consent. Just to mentioned a few of the nightmarish lunacies she conjures up together with the rest of the criminals.

Unt now she wants so called sex-offenders to receive illuminated letters in snail-mail so everyone knows about it, including the family. The really funny thing is that during a seminar recently this fascist said that everyone surrounding any SUSPECTED offender should know about it.

Revel in that for a moment. You only need to be a suspect and then wham-bam-bom and everyone around you thinks you’re a pervert. And this for a ‘crime’ that’s not really a crime - buying and selling sex should of course be legal.

The justice system in Sweden is slowly, but surely, turning everyone into a criminal and at the forefront we have the Mentalists of government.

Where the hell is my pitchfork?!


  1. "Where the hell is my pitchfork?!"
    I've got a bunch of them brother. Bring the torches and we'll hit the town.

  2. Have found a couple of pitchforks already, but thanks. No torches though, can buy those on the way...

  3. Have our Beatrice commited crime herself ?

    Se this video (in swedish)

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