Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pointy Icicles impaling athletes

Apparently there are Olympic Games going on in Vancouver. Hadn’t really noticed since I actually focus on more relevant news.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a sports buff and I do follow football (‘soccer’ for in-bread Americans) and a couple of other activities, but the Olympic Games never really did it for me. The main reason is that they seem to incorporate “sports” like synchronized swimming and short track speed skating. And when they start to talk about adding Chess and other games it’s not even amusing anymore.

Why not tic-tac-to? How about winning an Olympic medal in jumping on one foot?

If there were sports like ‘ice-pole dancing’, ‘naked snow-wrestling’ or “impaling other athletes with icicles’ I would be the first to watch, but the current array of sports seldom does it for me.

Oh, and the horrific opening ceremonies…

They always need to bring in some mongoloid to (try to) run with the torch, and they always make it sooo bloody interesting to see who’s the final person that will light the fire. Yawn…

Every time I’ve been stupid enough to watch an opening ceremony in the past I’ve felt the urge to bring out the chainsaw and run through the lines of contestants. Let’s see how they try to run and throw things without legs and arms.

And the national feeling we’re supposed to have I find despicable. It’s the individuals that win or lose not a country. It should be about displaying accuracy, skills and strengths in contests with others, but it’s not. Instead we count national medals and it’s all about “us” against “them”. “We” are the ones that have won, not that particular athlete.

Well, you can still get caught up in the hype sometimes, but generally speaking it’s just boring.

So why do I write about it you may ask? Well, I’m bored and watching the spectacle right now and apparently Canada is leading over Norway in hockey with 6-0, and it is a re-run (Canada won with 8-0). How interesting…

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