Thursday, December 3, 2009

The thought police expanding their terror

Another step in our enemies chase after ordinary citizens and keep order among the sheople it has now been suggested that Sweden should make it a criminal act to encourage, recruit or educate for the purpose of committing terrorism or other serious crimes.

Firstly, there are already laws against terrorism and other crimes as well as laws that prohibit the planning of such acts. In other words, this is an addition to hinder future insurrections and a way to follow other creepy rulers around the world.

Secondly “crimes” are defined by those that rule us, consequently any additional bill or changes down the line is very likely to end up under things like this. In other words a way for the elitists to throw more people in jail for a longer period of time under the disguise of horrible words like “terrorism”. I see a future wherein online file-sharers and people refusing to comply with “democratic” decisions will be branded as terrorists and locked up forever.

And the very definitions of “terrorism” as well as “serious crimes” are highly debatable.

If you can be trialed as a “terrorist” for encouraging or rooting for people that perform acts of rebellion against the ones that rule us, well, than I guess I’m a terrorist. If someone blows up the parliament I would dance, drink, sing and rejoice for a month and then declare that day the happiest in history. Then I would petition for making that date a national holiday.

And yes, I do think its okay to kill off occupational forces in Afghanistan as well as thinking it is a good thing those Iranian insurrectionists are assassinating government officials. There, two new crimes against this law if it ever comes to pass.

Our elected frauds are stealing, torturing, and murdering each and every day. They impose restrictions, fascist laws, they bully us around and get away with breaking every ethical rule there is, so why the hell should they be treated as anything else but criminal despots?

And no, I’m no anarchist; I actually like rules as well as law and order. In this regard I’m very conservative and would in a decent society be a huge supporter of the juridical system. However, there’s such a thing as unjust laws and unjust government.

Just take a count of the number of times you break the law on any given day, I promise that unless you’re drugged out of your mind, sleeping and locked up somewhere out in the wilderness, you’ll break at least one law, each day, without even trying. I’m not saying such low level of illegalness will be stamped as “terrorism”, at least not yet, what I am saying is that there’s a very fuzzy line and the ones deciding who’s who will be criminals in suits. This means it will be very hard to know what you can and cannot say, write or argue for without getting the thought police breathing down your neck. Again their real intent, shouting people up, comes into play, exactly the same reason that is behind all the fascism comes to internet.

Just put 2 and 2 together, it’s a fine little totalitarian place we’re heading for.

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  1. Wonderful reading. I moved away from Sweden app. 2-2½ years ago and have been following the outcome of some the events the past year. It truly makes me sad as I had the chance to grow up in a free country where speaking out for injustices like these was encouraged, a society where I as a first generation immigrant from the middle east have had the possibility to such a wonderful childhood all thanks to Sweden, the country I always have seen as my home with pride (my parents moved there when i was less than a year old) until recently. Now I am ashamed of what its becoming. Look at the Iran elections, atleast they are still ppl that refuse to be silenced after that mock election - ppl are killed/tortured/abducted and still the ppl are making their voices heard. Why arent we hearing anything from back home?

    What really happened? It all went so fast and whoopla we have laws that only China and the US can relate to (fra/ipred mm) ?

    Anyone who does not see the rebellion/uprising/etc coming up should let go of the sarg and komma in i matchen so to say, call it wishful thinking.. I atleast do not recognise Sweden today, atleast before they tried / managed to hide it to a certain extent but that ship sailed a while ago as well.

    Our "democracy" seems very alike the mock one demonstrated in Iran not so long ago.

    Thank you truly for expressing your thoughts on this page, even if it breaks my heart it is of high importance to not turn a blind eye and rather try to educate/inform/reach out to others when it comes to these matters.