Friday, September 25, 2009

United Nitwits anomalies

I was just about to take a couple of hours of beauty sleep when I happen to stumble across another scary doomsday scenario issued by the UN buffoons. According this hilarious report (pdf) climate change is surpassing the worst-case scenarios scientists predicted in 2007. Mountain glaciers are apparently melting in some areas, which they neeeeeever have done before…

Reuters report that environmentalists hope leaders will pay attention to the UNEP report as the Copenhagen meeting nears. No shit Sherlock. Along with this they will show us made-up stories about some poor farmer losing his home to global warming, they will show us rallying idiots flocking outside demanding more of the same madness. The politicians, pretending to be adversaries, will put up an magnificent theatre and this report will be one part of this puzzle.

I will not go into the mumbo jumbo of the report; instead I'll let other real scientists debunk those. However, I found a hilarious world map inside that report you just gotto read/watch (page 8-9 or 2-3). I cannot stop laughing. I thought our enemies at the G20 were hilarious, but this, oh my…

Under the headline “Significant climate anomalies from 2008 / 2009” *chuckle*, and among all those amusing, totally gut-wrenching funnies we can read that the winter in United Kingdom (2008-2009) was the coldest winter since 1996/1997. Ha-ha,,,

I mean, come on, do they really expect thinking adults to fall for this scam?

They have put together a bunch of perfectly normal weather phenomenon in an expose meant to frighten us. Its redicolous. Hurricanes, wild-fires and heavy rain aren’t something new, or did any of you think that? And the time-frame is absolutely none-scientific, even a layman as me can figure that out. You cannot watch a couple of decades and form an opinion about these things, hundreds of years aren’t even sufficient. Real scientists will tell you that you need tens of thousands of years to get some results that can be properly measured.

Oh, I bet we need taxes so the UK doesn’t experience that horrid winter of 1996/1997 ever again. And, of course, we need a world government deciding who can and cannot release certain gases. Maybe we should kill all methane-discharging cows?

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  1. the power of the media is really frightining, they'll always make 90% of the people believe this kind of nonsense! All of this bullshit they're telling us in order for the general public to accept their world government. DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING THEY SAY!