Monday, September 7, 2009

The elitists agenda continues

To no big surprise, I wrote about it a half a year ago, the Swedish government is now starting to waste, waste and waste money all around. An additional SEK 11 billion (1 billion to the scam of Swine Flu) is now being thrown at local councils so they can burn it. The whole move is pure socialism, and again one needs to wonder; aren’t we seeing “green shoots”? Didn’t the Finance Mentalist and the Prime Mentalist argue, just weeks ago, that things looked brighter and the economy had stabilized?

Of course they would cave under pressure, both in order to keep voters happy and to take some edge of the opposition parties. The power is what is important. But mostly this is a move that will make local politicians happy, during the happy days they squandered like there was no tomorrow, not only emptying the treasury, but surpassing it with debt. But now Sweden’s supposedly “center-right” government comes to the rescue with more tax money. Well, it’s more likely borrowed money, but the tax payers name is on the lending contract.

Isn’t it fun to waste other people’s money?

I could almost understand this madness if they, at the same time, cut state expenses in other areas and stopped throwing billions at some Astronaut, but with a deficit of SEK 200 billion this is nothing but pure evil.

And worse will it be when the depression keeps going and lead to a worldwide collapse within months from now. For the first time the “real” socialists are actually correct in accusing the “right” for destroying the economy. They have always blamed “right”-government before, but back then it wasn’t the “rights” fault, they just took over a very bad situation created by the far left. This time, however, they are mainly to blame. Not for the crisis itself, that’s rather global and imported, but the worsening and for every willful stupidity after stupidity getting hatched they should get run down with pitch-forks and torches.

What should they do?

Cut the deficit down completely and cut expenses even more i.e. around SEK 300 billion in cuts, all the money over after that reduction should go to lower taxes. Then they should “force” the central bank to increase interest rates up to 4-5%.
A lot of cornflake economists and others will shake their head at this and say that would worsen the situation, and yes, that is true, it would, temporarily. But it is better to have a deep recession now and maybe a year into the future, and then it is over. Rather than we wait for decades of depression-waves to hit us while we have all these massive deficits and fictive markets. Either we swallow the bad tasting medicine now, or, down the road, we will be cutting off all our limbs. That’s the choice we need to make.

Just remember that those in power are your enemies, but so is also the alternative that wants to do even worse damage. It’s not just the current Swedish government that should be fed to hungry Polar Bears, so should also the opposition.

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