Saturday, March 21, 2009

Problem almost solved

Apparently researchers and scientist from several departments and universities – all paid by and for governments – have joined forces and come up with a brilliant formula to not only solve the threat of manmade global warming but it also shows this threats impact on human life. The formula has taken years to develop and is still not really finished, but according to Hewhonow S Best, the head of research and development at FU, it’s just a matter of time and money. “This is a great step towards knowing what goes on this planet” Mr Best explains as he shows how far they have come.

(the formula)

“The formula can be described as 3 variables coming together and they are dependent on the value of the other. X isn’t really necessary for the equation, that’s always zero.” Mr Best explains as he wipes of the sweat from under his man tits with a hundred dollar bill. “Y is consequently neatly intertwined with Z and that shows us that global warming is a real thing which no one knew before. It seems that weather can change over time and even from one day to the next, heavy rainfall one day and sunshine the next.” Mr Best then explains how all this research have been made possible thanks to governmental founding and that with more time and even more tax money they might be able to perfect the formula even further. Mr Best then shows a picture of a snowflake and some sand and tells a frightening fact: “It is time that people of this planet realize that snowfall and desserts are real and governments most take action now”

Reporter: S. Tupid


  1. Presenting science isn't alarmist, not even to establish the concerns that scientists have or the risks they see.

  2. what?

    Are you refering to the "risk" of global warming? the "risk" we always have had and always will have?