Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mysterious conspiracies

I have been reading about the resent ”revelations” that people organized themselves in order to get peoples and politicians attention. Apparently one of the journalists that “discovered” this master plan is married with Pär Nuder, a high ranking social democrat and when she isn’t writing children’s books her fictional brain discovers conspiracies. She has done this before, done “lots” of research and come up with the startling surprise that people organize in order to get something done. And apparently she and her husband even own a PR company together. And the husband, Mr Nuder, is also a good friend to Sergej Stepasjin, a former warmongering head of spies in the Sovjetunion that also happen to have got the royal Nordstjärneorden from a government lead by mr Nuder. And you don’t need to be a conspiracy buff to start connecting the dots that way.

And isn’t it interesting that the newspaper in question is owned by an interest group that have their reasons to make the none fascist movement into the bad guys. Two prominent journalists looking for a raise or another job in the future maybe?

It is also soon election to the European parliament and some fears are growing among the people in power that The Pirate Party might win one or two seates, and on who’s expense? Well we don’t know actually who would miss this lucrative snooze job, but someone(s) will not be happy. So what to do? I know, let’s plant some rumors about those pesky bloggers and throw some suspicions about their dark and misty affairs, they don’t necessary have anything to do with Piratebay or the pirate party, but hey, people are stupid, then believe what journalists tells them. You can almost hear the second “journalist” Ewa Stenberg shouting “Eureka”. - I think she is the brains of this operation, mainly because it’s harder to find any dirt on her and people that looks clean is always the most dirty ones. – And then they go to work. Someone actually tried to convince people something and had meetings about it? Oh… and we have someone that doesn’t want to be known? Ah… and money exchanged hands? Aha… A PR firm or two (our competitors?) was involved? Yes… now we have our story… Rub me little bit lower dear husband and take of your glasses, Ewa might recognize you.

And we need some more chocking news to follow up this story, because when journalists do a follow up and a series of articles, people just know its truth and seriousness in the work. So what will we do next? Do we have any dirt on the bloggers we can use? Maybe one of them visited a child porn site one time? Or maybe did we have some strange looking man we can take picture of while he is in meeting with Henrik? Or maybe the Pirate Party got money from a former racist? It’s so fun making up news isn’t it hun?

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