Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chavez size the rice

The latest dictator that some stupid people have voted for are now confiscating rice factories because they, according to Chavez, is overpricing their products. I absolutely love this guy. No one in the world are like dear Hugo showing people how stupid voting is and how people in general really believe anything you tell them. And the funniest part of all is that he still got followers and even other dictator wannabees around the world who wants to follow his recipe. It’s completely hilarious how he is utterly destroying the Venezuelan economy while violence increases and his political opponents get killed. All of which are with the stupid populace support. As said before and as will be said again, we have never learned anything. It doesn’t matter how many Hitler’s or Stalin’s we get, we don’t learn. People are idiots. At least that’s incredible funny.

Socialist 1:

Socialist 2:

Yeah, you voted for them. what will you vote for next? Idiot.


  1. 15 ballots in Venezuela from 1998 to now - either for legislatures or referenda . All judged to be free and fair by independent observers.

    80% of Venezuela's media is privately owned - mostly by those strongly opposed to him - including those who plotted the 2002 coup attempt. The old universities are controlled by the right wing forces. There is freedom of speech in the media,in the legislatures, in the churches, streets, parks etc

    Venezuela's 2 largest cites controlled by opposition forces, Over 20% of councils, mayors, governors, etc are held by right wing forces opposed to Chavez -

    Yet still there comentators who see Venezuela as a dictatorship! Will you guys ever wake up to reality?

    By the way USA economy shrunk 6% last year while Venezuela's economy grew by over 5% - despite a massive cut in oil prices and exports.

  2. I have no idea where you get your statistics from, probably from some communist pamphlet, but you have completely missed the point. A stat can still be a dictatorship even if people voted for it. You can still have no free expression even if some statistics tells you different.

    And some of your numbers are really terrifying despite being manufactured;

    “Venezuela's 2 largest cities controlled by opposition forces, Over 20% of councils, mayors, governors, etc are held by right wing forces opposed to Chavez “

    Really? So all the other cities and around 80% of the councils, mayors and so on are owned by the dictator?

    People are getting thrown out of that country, people are getting murdered for believing in something else then socialism and this power-hungry despot keep increasing his power and idiots like you keep applauding for him. You are going to defend this murderer when he imposes working camps and execute some “right wing” people also right?

    And when it comes to whether or not an economy shrinks or grows, that depends on how you calculate it, which is done differently in different countries. And it depends on how you have your spending focused and who owns the people doing the counting.