Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kill them, kill them all

Why are we cuddling with animals all over this planet? I don’t get it, what have ever any animals, with the exception for cows (hamburgers) and dogs (good company) and a couple of more, done for us? Most of them are only in the way. If some idiotic, close to extinct, bird are nesting next to your house, kill it. And Polar bears that some people seem to worry about are murderous stupid things that kill baby seals for a sport! Every day some animals go extinct, no matter what we do. 99% of all the species that ever lived on this planet is gone! Extinct! Dead! Humans did not kill them, nature itself did. And even if we have killed of some useless idiotic beings, why should we care? Some stupid biologist will probably tell you that we would disrupt some eco system somewhere. So? Even if, what does that do to us? We can always cultivate some more chickens in tight small spaces and knock of some more cows if we need food or something else. And if there was a sudden increase in vermin because some cat or other predator dies out, we can always throw some chemicals around, radiate them or create special hunting seasons. Might even be a new reality show; “The Rat Killers” – whoever kills the most rats in this abandoned building in 24hrs gets 100 free Big Mac’s and get to go out on a date with some C-starlet that happens to have done soft-core porn because her daddy touched her breast by accident one time.

We are to bloody soft as a race. It’s very hard to believe we got to rule this world. If polar bears were above us in the food chain, do you really believe they would care about stupid little us? Nope, not a chance. They would start holocaust camps that would make the Nazis look amateurish. We are the only ones stupid enough to care and why? Because some insect have hair or because some bear happens to have fur and therefore are cuddleable? Stop this nonsense. Let’s just kill them. Kill them all. You know you really want to. Who haven’t dreamt of snatching hold of a small little kitten’s cute little neck and break it? And who haven’t been fantasizing about putting bullets in the heads of some adorable kangaroo babies? And even if you haven’t, what does it do to you if we start slaughtering some animals here and there? That’s right, nothing!

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