Saturday, February 28, 2009

Henrik is a stupid man

In an article, Henrik Arnstad, writes about the monarchy in Sweden and how he would love to be able to vote who is king or queen. He also argues, which seems to be his main point, that the Swedish people are being regarded as children for not being able to vote in this regard. Really? Isn’t this interesting. Here we have a man who clearly believes that royalty is thing of the past, but he still believes we should vote about who should be king and/or queen. Why? Is the monarchy somehow better because some brainless populace have voted for some poor smuck/s into these positions? And even if this silly silly man has some kind of a point about the monarchy being obsolete, why should we ever vote for someone (any idiot out there) to be our ambassador and have the ability to put their dirty hands on the royal jewels?

No, my dear Henrik, you have missed the point about growing up completely. You don’t want to grow up; you just want to change who gets your money and who is ruling your life. Me I trust a man or a woman who have traditional values, history and can’t be dethroned by idiotic people’s whims much more than some well spoken regular Joe that’s thinks it will be cool to open up the parliament after each summer break. And if you really want to grow up, my dear Henrik, shouldn’t you decide over your own life? Shouldn’t you decide over your money and make your own decisions? So why do you feel the need to scribble down a name on a piece of paper so that person/persons can dictate every minute of your life? Either you emancipate yourself or not. There is no middle ground, but you are young yet. Maybe you have time to learn how things work yet.

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  1. Stupid is as stupid does... as Forrest Gump said.

    The best thing would be if we (the swedes) came to our senses and did what the french did. Roll out the gilliotine and chop their heads off. First the royalties then the parasite leader Reinfeldt and his cronies in the alliance (alliansen).