Saturday, February 28, 2009

War is peace & the living dead

There is always dense people that tries to avoid the realities of life or are trying to make the best out of what the government let us do. I sort of get it; I mean humans do fight for the scraps we can collect and most of the time we actually try to do the right thing. But still there is a stupidity behind “always hoping”. The current economic crisis we are in will not get better anytime soon, anyone with a brain can tell you that. Sadly brains are in a short supply so instead people listen to vegetables like politicians, journalists or “financial experts”. Some of these silly losers that the populace listens to even think that we already have seen the worse or even that companies are starting to hire people again.

Nope, the fun is just getting started and pretty much every government on the planet is doing their finest work to worsen the situation. People should be selling their businesses and stockpiling conserves or moving somewhere where they can grow their own crops, but they still listen to the same idiots that created the crisis in the first place. Inhabitants on this planet have been living on money that does not exist, letting governments increase inflation and steal our wealth. We have been subsidizing peoples mechanical spending with the same peoples own money and the entire time citizens work less hours while we are destroying capital with mindless laws that are supposed to “save the planet”. And this we have been doing for a long time now and now the time is up. Not even governments and countries can keep borrowing and spending money that doesn’t exist for all eternity. They can hide it for a while through inflation, exponentially increasing borrowing and different political pastimes like wars, but in the end the bill is up for payment. And this is what’s happening now and even if they “succeed” to trick people again and maybe even postpone the crisis a little while, it doesn’t change anything. We are heading for a huge fall and I for one cannot wait. You have deserved it, now suck it up.

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