Friday, February 27, 2009

25 million kronor

The princess is getting married and the Swedish people love to gossip and everyone hates those that have more than others? Hm… what can we write about… Let’s make a story about how much you can get for 25,000 000 kr!

When I was in a local political forum in a small town in Sweden in one single committee, we once did take a trip to live on a mansion for a couple of days, the cost were 15 000kr/person and we were about 40 people. And this was just one time, it went on and on and in all the different councils and committees. Did you know that two, maybe three larger political meetings with people from all over Sweden cost about 25,000 0000kr? I once calculated that my cost from being a politician for 14y, at a lower lvl, totally were about 20,000 000kr and I wasn’t even payed with salary, I did it on my spear time, think then what idiots like Reinfeldt or Sahlin cost you each year. What’s the cost for security or even heating for different government buildings each year? How many billions haven’t the social democrats spent on elections throughout the years? And you are the one paying for it. We have thousands of politicians in Sweden and all of them are chosen by the same idiots that then pays the bills. For the pleasure of getting controlled by and robbed by your elected official, you also get to pay for the alcohol; hotel rooms, flight tickets or candy that official buys for your money. Yeah, sure, Victoria is a part of this idiocy, but she and the royal family is few, cost very little compared to other government accounts and at least she can say that she draws tourist money in to Sweden.

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