Friday, February 27, 2009

Stop crying and plan your funerals better

Several Swedish newspapers are reporting about 82y old Inga Svensson who needed and wanted to say goodbye to her fiancée. Her tear-filled eyes and her wheelchair didn’t help her because the public service people that was supposed to help her get to and from the funeral missed the time they were supposed to pick her up and then the driver didn’t want to stop at the chapel for some unknown reason.

Now Inga Svensson is very upset claiming that saying goodbye to a loved one you can only do once. Here is a thought for you Inga, say goodbye now, in 5min from now, tomorrow or whenever you like to. You can even say goodbye before someone dies. Your fiancée aren’t going anywhere, he is rotting away, happily eaten by worms and beetles. He can’t hear you, but then again, he couldn’t do that even if you had made it to the funeral. And you should know better than to trust anyone else to get you someplace. If you have lived for 82 years, you should really plan things better. Take a normal cab, they might cost some more, but hey, if you really want to get to your dead boy toy before he turns into humus, you might pay for it. Or maybe you should have gone with those friends you claim to have and apparently they were able to get to the funeral. What? They couldn’t pick up the dead ones bride to be? Or don’t you have any children, relatives or neighbors to help you out? I mean come on, you rely on a public service for the elderly to get you somewhere in time? Did you really love that guy?

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