Friday, February 27, 2009

What are the idiots talking about?

Apparently there is a discussion about who is going to pay for Princess Victorias wedding, the King or the government. Here is a newsflash to all you idiots out there; it doesn’t matter! Its tax money either way! You are going to pay for it even if you don’t like the wedding cake or that the bride is wearing white… Who cares if it’s the state, the city of Stockholm or the Social Democrats that’s paying for this shindig, its tax money. And don’t come dragging that idiocy about the Kings personal wealth, were do you think he got that from? The Easter bunny?

This is going to be a great day in Sweden and we should all be happy that the Princess and Queen to be has found love, but don’t go around pretending this is a great cost or that we can avoid paying for it with tax money. Do you know what each political party throws away at things like alcohol and hotel rooms each year? And those ever so funny “art students” are a fine little expenditure aren’t they? If some of you idiots out there really care about tax money, you should start complaining about the real problems that exists, not a happy loving occasion for Sweden’s future sovereign.

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