Saturday, February 28, 2009

I’m a very stupid man

I have just moved to a new apartment in Greenock, Scotland. I walked around in the apartment, noticed that the refrigerator was online and working so I went to do some shopping. Bought mainly beer, vodka and other necessities. But back home again I become conscious that the fridge “wasn’t working”, or so I thought. There was no apparent cold despite everything operational and everything checked out, so I tried to turn the cold-knob (or whatever its name might be) to maximum, thinking it might be some stupid Scottish thing with the power line or that they hadn’t got modern day appliances yet. My prejudices running wild and sighing I started to do some serious drinking to at least not waste the alcohol before it got to warm. Then after a couple of runs back and forth to empty the Smirnoff bottle I suddenly realized that the liquids was cold as ice, might even have been some crystals forming. So then I used my superpower of reading English and behold, very clear just in front of me, it says “Frost Free”. Yeah, I’m an idiot.

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