Saturday, February 28, 2009

Same shit, different name

I was politically active for a long while before I really got it. I actually thought that there were differences between political parties. I had a notion that a party that wanted to lower taxes with one or two percent was on the side of freedom and that a party that wanted to increase taxes with one or two percent were evil. I also thought that people needed to activate themselves to get something done and that if only lots of good people come together we could at least save the city we live in. I was also under the impression that Sweden had the world’s best healthcare and that ideology and ideas can get you somewhere. Yeah, I actually was that silly when I was younger. Sounds stupid even writing it, but I do believe in being self-aware and learning from your own foolishness.

The truth is that there is very little separating one politician from the other, no matter what color they have on their flags or what financial doctrine he/she bow down to.

They all want you to vote – to support the system.
They all want you to pay taxes – to pay for their salaries and idiotic spending.
They all want you to hate the opposition – mainly to get you to vote so those “others” you are suppose to hate don’t get the power.
They all want you to obey and follow the laws – no rebellion or too much thinking please

And no matter what the government calls itself or who’s in charge, the governing is always authoritarian. Sure there are different temperatures in hell but have you ever tried to oppose the government? Any of them? In the end it doesn’t matter if you are living in a real dictatorship or in a “democracy”, if you oppose the government you will get hurt and maybe die. Try to stop paying your taxes or refuse to obey traffic laws and watch them go to work on you. And if you really stand up for yourself, don’t think for a moment that the government won’t kill you. They will. No matter what country you live in or how free you think you are. If you don’t believe me, please try to prove me wrong, it would show the rest of us how stupid, and dead, you are.

So when there are polls and general elections I just shrug and ignore the stupidity. Why do people care whether or not we have one more or less government program? Why do you care if there is a woman or a man ruling you? Or if it’s a king or Pharaoh? If you let someone else steal your money, tell you want to do and then kills you if you don’t obey, does it really matter who this person is? I don’t vote anymore, sadly once upon a time I did. They say you shouldn’t complain if you don’t vote, why not? If there are no politicians that I feel would be a good candidate to rule my life, why shouldn’t I complain? No the ones that shouldn’t complain is you idiots that do vote. If you vote, you vote for the system, for the oppression and for the politician (any of them). You live with it. Someone like me that don’t vote have the right to complain.

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