Sunday, March 1, 2009

Low faith in Mona Sahlin

Apparently the voters don’t have much trust in the oppositional leader. Not really a surprise now is it. She fiddles around with her “friends” and don’t really make any kind of statement that is a suggestion. Sure her role is to criticize the government, but she ought to make some suggestion of her own too. But her main problems are her history with buying personal stuff with government’s credit card and the internal struggle inside her party. But also she is not really an attractive person, quite ugly actually. Well, no one of the party leaders in Sweden is really attractive, ugly bunch the lot of them, but Sahlin is really repulsive and every time I see her face I turn away and I don’t think I’m alone in this revulsion. So she has her problems how to trick voters to trust her and let her run and govern people’s lives. Not easy being a ugly rich woman leading a party with huge internal problems while trying to juggle both friends and opposition and at the same time trying to convince people to let her steal their money and let her control every step of their stupid lives. She has to have some stamina and audacity, so in the end I kind of like her.

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