Sunday, March 1, 2009

Minority groups are idiots

In UK the work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell announced a drive to ensure ethnic minority workers do not get 'left behind' so Ethnic minorities could get extra help during the recession. As we needed confirmation that people are idiots everywhere.

First of all, where's the money coming from? Could it be that the ones paying for this little socialist idiocy are the same ones who are supposed to be helped…?

And second, why send extra help to a group of people and not others based on the ethnic belongings? I mean, do you want more racism; great way to create some more, but otherwise it’s just stupid.

Thirdly, aren’t Purnell and other foolish idiots who support these notions really saying that some groups cannot handle themselves and are therefore idiotic ethnic groups and therefore need extra support? Isn’t that the same as racism?

Perhaps an official ethnic minority group could be recognized comprising white, Christian, elderly, middle class voters who are now verging on collapse thanks to pension raids, interest rates, and suppression of moral, ethical, religious and family values by a political correct government.

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