Sunday, March 1, 2009

I can’t stand spineless idiots

I know I always ranting about how stupid everyone is, and they/you are, but I don’t hate people. I don’t despise most idiots; I just see reality and write about it. But there are some citizens I really cannot stand, and that is those kinds of spineless wimps that claim to believe in something and then do something else to further their status in society. A person that in some surroundings say one thing and in another say something else. A person that wants to be regarded as one person, heroic and ideological, but in reality only go with the flow and never stands for anything but earning more money and status. Those kinds of people are the only ones I cannot stand and politics are filled with them. Politics are all about making deals, getting together and having meetings where you talk until the ones with the best vocabulary wins the debate and everyone vote accordingly. Consequently everyone that ever has been involved in politics have lost their calling and/or lied from the start. There are some that are open and honest about it, Nazis and communists often doesn’t hide who they are and if you talk to them, they will admit their bloodlust. Many politicians also don’t claim to believe in anything or do it for having a job, an income and a high status in society. All those people I can actually respect. If someone wants to kill everyone, tax us all to death or do make a career out of it, I can understand that and at least they don’t claim to be something they are not.

And the worst pathetic wimps of them all is those that not only change their standpoint from one day to another and spit on everything they claim to hold dear, but then also cry when someone points that out. Some tear dripping boohooing and pointing fingers at everything else but their own idiocy and then they go home to drink some wine and sleep well. Those kinds of people exist in hordes in the Swedish parliament. I know of at least a twenty or so politicians, on up high, that really are against FRA and all the other fascist crap the government is imposing on us, but they still vote for it and they still smile to us while doing it, but okay, on some level I buy that, they are thinking of their jobs and maybe getting even higher up. But then you have a couple of them that claim to be on the side of liberty, but still do nothing to stop it and then cries about it when some other people points that out to them. Those spineless wimps are the worst kind in my book. Not even worthy the electric chair.

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