Sunday, March 1, 2009

All heil Rajraj

Like the left winged idiot he is, the Swedish prime minister today issued a statement about salaries among some directors. As if he should talk, he lives a great and rich life on money he has stolen from people, he spends the people’s money by the billions and he decides what’s going to happen with our lives. He literary holds our very lives in his hand and he has the stomach to complain over the salary at a private owned company? The sad thing about this is that he probably gets some support for these idiotic statements and he might even increase his support among the incurable idiots that constitute an absolute majority of the population.


  1. Ehrm... I dont like him either BUT to be fair, he probably would´nt have coment on this if it were´nt for the fact that the "privatly owned company (Volvo)" tried to get money from the government earlier. They are also firing a lot of people...

    Get your facts straight before posting shit!

    But of course you wont publish this, you´re to scared.

  2. Companies always ask the government for money; sometimes they get some stolen money, sometimes they don’t. Either way, it has nothing to do with this. What we have here is a fascist, Rajraj, who, like all other lefties, seek confirmation among the idiotic populace with stupid political correctness like these statement. This is 90% a political tactic and 10% his true socialist views, nothing else. And this idiot also cost the taxpayers some millions each year, alone, while he does his best to rob us blind and ruling our lives. A private company earn money, a politician never does. A director that lives of the market is a plus or at least never a minus, a politician is always a minus.