Sunday, March 1, 2009

Paying for sex should be legal

I never understood why some people (read; feminists) have got themselves all worked up over some consenting adults that choice to exchange bodily fluids and money at the same time. I mean, having sex is legal and it is also necessary for us if we want to continue existing as a species. Exchanging money and doing business is legal. How come then that exchanging money for sex is illegal?
Some years ago I had a girlfriend that was as crazy as I am, well actually in several ways even crazier, but she and I started exchanging money every time we had sex and every time we run into a politician, a police officer or (funniest of all) a feminist we told them this fact openly and preferably loudly. One time a policeman actually did a small little inquire, probably thought I was a pimp? But surprisingly enough, no one (accept the feminist idiots) seemed to care. When I think about it, I actually think that woman still owes me money… I always seem to end up getting screwed.

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