Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thinking people actually exist in Sweden?

I read a couple of articles in a big Swedish newspaper about General Motors appending bankruptcy and the potential future for the former Swedish company of SAAB. The news about GM is no real revelation, everyone with some knowledge in economy that has kept up with what’s going on, has known about both the problems and what that company probably will do.

SAAB’s future is a bit more insecure. Many politicians and the workers would like to see that the Swedish government borrows some billions to save the company. This is neither a big surprise, people losing jobs and politicians, opportunistic like they all are, always are looking for the “easy” and governmental solution. What I reacted on was two things: first the current government leaders have not yet issued their response, seemingly hesitant to “save” SAAB. Probably this is just a short thinking pause; I would be very amazed if they did not throw money at this company. But still, maybe they actually are going to do the right thing? The second thing that really astounded me was the poll that this newspaper has in addition to the article on Internet. A majority have actually voted “no” to the question whether the government should support SAAB with borrowed money. I cannot believe it. Are there actually thinking and non brainless people in Sweden? And that many? Maybe we shouldn’t make something out of a poll done on Internet on one newspaper, but I actually feel a bit hopeful. There might be some people that are thinking out there, or could another explanation be found?

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  1. I think Saab should be saved, that's my opinion.