Saturday, February 14, 2009

You are going to die! Part X

Did you know that among the worse things in our life’s and one of the things that kills most people are water? Water kills a lot of people world over. Boats goes down in water, people go swimming and drown. And if you drink more than 7 liters of water in one go you will die. And do I even need to mention all the sharks, worms, snakes, Crocodiles and other things that live in water? The human body also contains about 70% of water and how do we treat each others? Water is also one of the main causes of death and accidents in the worst place there is, our own homes. People slip in the shower. Electrical appliances that normally only might hurt us, will kill in the present of water. Water kills more people then all drugs combined, several times over. The substance is also containing some horrible things like hydrogen and oxygen. These things, as we all know, are a deadly combination creating not only deadly toxins like alcohol, but are also the main cause of manmade global warming!

If a government really wants to save us and if we really are going to minimize death among humans, we should outlaw water! Or at least put a high tax on it, making it really expensive. This last suggestion might also bring in some more revenues to the government so they can keep ruining our lives.

By my examination of numbers, taking from the Internet, about 150 000 lives might be saved each year if you banned or at least taxed water. Why don’t we? And don’t give me that crap about the human body and that we need a fluid, that’s just a smokescreen for alcoholics needing water for making vodka. This is also one of the few remaining things that are not taxed (at least not direct) so it might make a good extra income to our loving and caring politicians. Oh… I hope those in charge don’t read this… Giving them these ideas… oh my…

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