Saturday, February 14, 2009

Venezuela and the immorality of voting

Hugo Chavez is living every politician’s wet dream. He has expropriated factories and companies and did so by letting people vote about it. The Venezuelan people didn’t really care; it was other peoples companies and factories, so they voted yes to this massive robbing. Then Chavez nationalized mass media, so what the people said, it wasn’t their problem. The Supreme Court and the parliament also ended up under Chavez control and the people shrugged, they were getting food packages and free healthcare so very few actually cared about this, voting yes to the president again. But then he got a little bit too ambitious and wanted to reform the constitution a little bit too much in one go and people actually voted no. Now he has learned from this and instead taking it one step at the time. Using billions of stolen dollars to educate, inform and indoctrinate people he now wants to change the law so he can get reelected indefinitely. While his followers getting more and more lethal against the opposition and every voice spoken out gets thrown out of the country, jailed or even murdered. Welcome to the wonderful world of voting! Give the majority of people some food and handouts and they will continue to vote for you. This is no real news, everyone from the Roman Emperors until today’s social democrats have used this little net trick. Steal some people’s money, use the natural resources and use tax money to give them to the poor (or rather the majority) to keep them happy and dependent on their government. As long as you can keep giving them free stuff, they vote for you and support you no matter what you do.

There is no reason not to believe that Hugo Chavez will win the next referendum, which will mean he becomes almost all powerful. A few things left. Some schools, a couple of pesky students and some liberal forces here and there. Oh, I’m jiggy with excitement. I’m wondering if he will follow Stalin’s example with death camps or if he will force people to do things that will kill them like Pol Pot? Will he start wars with his neighbors’ like Hitler or will he be satisfied to terrorize his own people like Idi Amin? Well, whatever his course he will get the full support from European left wing media, most politicians who will direct or in secret rote for him. I’m just hoping that more countries follow and do the same thing, with the help of people voting anything can be justified. And when the death and mayhem really start, who are supposed to complain? The people voted for it. Those who could have done something to stop it have either fled or got killed. The few in opposition that are left will not dare to speak out because then they will get shot, jailed and/or tortured. I’m really thankful for Chavez, he is great. Showing us all what voting really is; an immoral cannibalism of human rights. Not that anyone of all the idiots in this world will care or figure this fact out, nope, that won’t happen. Chavez socialism will more likely get followers and be seen as a great way to deceit people.

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