Saturday, February 14, 2009

A bra is worse than starvation

A store in Sweden have sold a top that are supposed to be to 8y olds. This has got a lot of people aroused and most people think this is terrible. Me, I’m wondering what the problem is. It was supposed to sell as a top, not as a bra, as people claims. And even if, if it was supposed to be a bra to 8y old girls, as Swedish journalists claim, what’s the problem? Some girls might need bras at that age and even if they don’t, couldn’t parents just overlook or don’t buy it? Is the very present of this thing something that causes teenage pregnancies and pedophilia? In a world with wars, starvation, people getting murdered and governments all over monitoring everything we do, this is what gets people upset? And this mother, how come she even thinks that her daughter will be paraded in a bra? Don’t let her take her cloths of! People are stupid, idiotic and really wronged focused. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it!!

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