Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why Sweden sucks II

As all the ones with some kind of knowledge in democracy and human rights know by now, as of the 1 January, Sweden is no longer a democracy. If this country ever were that before this date. Now days it’s legal for the Swedish government to monitor, surveillance and even trial people through and because of their internet actions. Every Email, everything people do on Facebook and every phone conversation is being recorded and read by computers and government officials. While it is true that this has been done before to some extent, now it is “legal” and everything you do is the governments to read, save and act upon. Although it is a secret what they are searching for and what words might attract their attention, there is no reason to believe that:

Hitler; bomb; Al Quida; Kill; Nuke the parliament; Prime minister; Idiots; Chemical attack; murder; drugs; Jail; Hate; Jews; conspiracy; smuggle; Mein Kampf; slaughter; politicians; bomb; nigger (and so on)

Will be searched for. Which means that if you read this you are most likely being tracked and monitored by the Swedish government. Oh, you might not think this is too bad if you are an American or whatnot, but here is the first catch; they share this information! Is this not fun? I mean here you read some blog on the Internet and you might be suspected of terrorism. Fun fun fun.

And you might also think this is not to bad for you. Most countries seam to make these stupid laws, but here is the next catch; this “law” is both against the Swedish law as it is and there is no open policy what’s so ever. Nothing about this is supposed to leak out or be read by others then politicians and their secret agencies. But if you read catch 1 again…

And the third catch is also entertaining: All agencies leak information and the information is gathered at a computer bank that many hundreds of people have access to. And much information over the internet goes through several countries and Sweden is one of the main gothroughable countries in this regard. So if you are having an operation in South Africa, there are lots of Swedish people that know about it. Oh, this is great!

But the most entertainment thing about this is that it’s supposed to be in order to catch criminals and mafia organizations in the act. This is the reason for this law and despotism. But how many drug smugglers or terrorists are going to use email through Sweden openly? It’s so stupid, but it’s true. Apparently the Swedish government thinks they are going to catch people doing criminal acts through this law, well at least that are what they are saying.

If ever was a reason to start knocking off politicians and rebel, this is it. Never before in history have a Swedish government made a decision like this one. There is no comparison what so ever. So what do people do? They blog about it, they complain over drinks and maybe write an editorial to show their wrath. You stupid damned idiots! Burn down the parliament! Blow up the nearest police station! Shot some officials! Rebel! Kill! Murder! Bomb!

"I am in no regard responsible for anything I write in this blog. I’m a peaceful person who loves all humans and always am on the side of the ones in power. Please don’t jail me…"


  1. I agree with u that we could have done more to stop FRA, but burning the parliment wouldnt solve anything. I have just got back from Glasgow and really like it there. People are really friendly.

  2. I’m talking about Sweden… :)well, for the most part. Most parliaments should be burned…

  3. I know ur talking about Sweden. I live in Sweden. I dont really like living here but its hard to move elsewhere. I was only making a comment about Glasgow cos u live there and coz I have just been there. I find ur blogg interesting coz we appear to share similar views. Whats ur name anyway? my email is if u wish to write to me.