Saturday, April 11, 2009

Government is the problem

Apparently tens of people dies in Mexico drug wars every day. Add to this the people dying from overdoses and the enormous cost for government as well as kingpins and we have a stupid mess that easily can be avoided.

Let people eat, drink, inject, smoke or sniff whatever they like. Let people grow and manufacture drugs by themselves and let there be drug departments at every supermarket and local store. If just government gets their dirty hands out of the mix; we would not only have cleaner and cheaper drugs but also no mafia, no drug lords and no wars were people dies. Someone might argue that the amount of people testing drugs would increase with excess and cheaper product and that might be partly true, at least in the beginning when it is news. But even IF more people would test drugs, it would be safer since it is now controlled on the market, it would be cleaner leading to less overdoses and it would come with better and more information so people don’t mix drugs or take too much. Another consequence is that drugs would no longer be handled by some sleazebag who might kill you or wreaks havoc in the society. A big win for all parties, except of course the government cronies who would lose a bit of purpose and it would be a big failure for politician’s mindless propaganda about how useful they are. And this is the main reason why governments don’t want to let you decide over your own body.

If people realized that government is the problem and is highly responsible for all these dead people, people might start questioning other functions public officials does. And having no means to defend ourselves – courtesy of the governments laws – we are dependent on armed government employees to do the protecting for us, and that power they will never want to get rid of. The war against drugs have never been about protecting or saving people, it is only about control, when are you all going to realize this?

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