Saturday, April 11, 2009

Who should be blamed?

With the kind of success I had with my last poll, I thought it would be fun to see what you that visit this place think about who is really to blame for all the madness and stupidities in this world.

I have always felt a bit sorry for all rulers throughout history, getting blamed for everything. I mean is it really their fault that people vote, fight and dies for them? And the silent majority apparently is able to handle anything you do to them. You can starve them or make them go to war, you can take their virgin daughters and have them marching up and down to silly music and they will salute you for it. But then again, getting to the top and staying there demands political stamina and great sneakiness. Even those ‘great leaders’ that have been born into their occupation needs to keep religious groups, party members or generals happy or they would not last very long. So every king, pharaoh or tyrant has also been a great politician, at least they must be until they have a firm grip of power. This means that there is also evil in them from the start. And many of the craziest ideas have come from rules, so they should be blamed, but to what degree?

Support troops

But what would any leader be without a loyal following? The support troops come in different varieties and you could actually make a very long list. Everything from health- and drug administration’s to social-workers, from journalists to priests, from musicians to board members, from directors to the very rich and so on. These are the people that the leader from time to time needs to rely on in order to dupe the populace and to support every notion that comes from above. As long as the one in charge keeps the support troops happy with lavish salaries, some of those virgins (those discarded by the leader for being too old or of the wrong ethnicity), different nice titles and other things, they can be trusted. These are also, for the most part, societies must prominent members with high education and a great understanding how things work. The leader isn’t necessarily the smartest of the bunch, but among the supporting people there will be some with very high intellect. This means that many of these have been and are fully aware about what policies, laws and such leads to, so in a way they are the worst criminals since they know what is wrong and might even know how to fix it, but they don’t, mainly to keep their status and salaries. Of course you can argue that they also are afraid and if the leader is sneaky enough he has created enough mistrust among these followers so they cannot rally together nor do any harm to the one in charge.

Armed forces
And no ruler or government can last very long without the support of the armed forces. For the most part these guys have been very loyal and highly supportive of everything government has been doing. Kind of like that dumb cousin that follows you around everywhere and does whatever he is told. On occasion the armed forces have rioted and done their part in overthrowing some leader or government, but not really that often. This might be because they always are the military/army/police no matter who is in charge. It doesn’t really matter for their occupation which policies the government has, they go on with the same maneuvers and have about the same task either way. Sure the laws might change and with certain governments the risk of war increases, but that mainly semantics, the armed forces has the job of enforcing the law and “protecting” the country and its leaders and that’s pretty much it. And the hierarchy with orders that most be followed doesn’t really allow too much independent thinking. Still these people have the power to do something about atrocities but have instead been the main doers of said atrocities. Without the armed forces: no dictatorship and no death camps so surely these guys most get some of the blame.

The people

But what would any government be without the great mass of highly stupid “normal” people. This is the waste majority and if banded together they could easily overthrow any government, no matter what the support troops or armed forces do. These are also the ones that normally vote for and push the leaders forward to achieve great things like holocausts and mass-starvation. Sure you can argue that it is hard to band together or that the support troops have duped them. And sure the armed forces, although a clear minority, holds a certain deterrent. And sure most people care more about getting a job, food and some basic necessities rather than politics. But still, these are the guys mainly suffering and are mainly taken advantage of and still they do nothing. No government can produce anything; only take what others (the people) have created. Also the people are very easy to fool. All the government really needs to do is to find a scapegoat to blame everything on and/or have a pretty effective propaganda machine and people will do pretty much anything for their leaders tell them. And if the people believe in and pray to some spooky father figure that the government supports they will go through hellfire to help the government steal, cheat, control, dupe and kill them. So aren’t these ones the main source of all evil?

Secret societies
I know this topic will get some votes because many of you idiots think that the “Illuminati” or the Freemasons or some Bilderberg group runs the show. Even if I can support some of those notions, it is mainly pure idiocy. But still, can there not be some secret people running around doing all the real damage? Well founded and maybe even with some alien help (if you believe certain series) they secretly rule the world… Ohoooo…

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