Saturday, April 11, 2009

Don’t blame all males.

Do you know what happens when a man tries to get involved, want to help out and applies to be a part of different programs to help rape victims? He gets ignored, if he is lucky. In some cases he is regarded as a suspect himself and don’t even try to walk into a women care-center, the looks you get will make you feel very uneasy. And if you walk with a friend or girlfriend that has been raped to social services or some other institution that is supposed to help out, you really feel the distress and how they really, really, don’t want you there. Try to get involved in some of the psychological therapy and you get thrown out. The only way to even show some support is to either write some editorial, which will be ignored by many female support groups (you are a male, you cannot understand) or you become politically involved in some feminist movement were you are not very welcome either. I’m not trying to undermine the hurt and the terribly ordeal these women go through, but the males standing at the side-line helplessly looking at this without being able to do nothing while several people cries about the male species and how horrible anyone with a penis is, are victims too. Don’t blame all males for what some does and to all your women out there, get a gun or some other weapon. The government and laws be damned, if some prick comes at you, shot the bastard and shot him good.

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