Saturday, April 11, 2009

Socialist’s views coming true

In China the government has issued an order to lower the salaries of executives of state-owned banks and insurers. This while Gordon Brown and his cronies is trying to hunt down tax heavens to bolster their manic spending, deficits keep growing everywhere and several amusement parks around the world are laying of personal and going over to red numbers. Socialists everywhere are obviously coming together in a beautiful mess of violence and high fives in order to induce the crisis further.

In the United States several of the banks wants to pay back the money they got in bail-outs, but of course the socialist government doesn’t want to let go of their control. More good news for the lefties are that the world economies have an accelerated fall in world trade and this at the fastest rate seen in decades. People trading is something horrible according to all socialist views so millions of people now suffering and going to die from lower globalization is great news. Meanwhile in Bolivia the president is going on a hunger-strike for not getting to be more like a true dictator.

In Kenya child malnutrition is growing rapidly while pirates are roaming the seas. And the number of people dying from starvation in eastern Africa is growing, all according to plan. While socialists in Sweden are complaining over director salaries all is well around the planet. Although not really a paradise yet, the recession is doing great things to increase taxes, debts and government size all over the world.

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