Saturday, April 11, 2009

Looting socialists getting what they want

There is a debate going on in Sweden (for the fortyfiftthousand time) about directors and corporate finance people getting pension deals and to high salary. Although I can understand why so many people get upset over these people getting millions when there is a crisis created by too much government hovering over us there is still some interesting things to point out. First of all, many of these agreements were made during better times and why should someone break them just because times gets worse? Secondly those who complain about this do it all the time, not just during this crisis, and those people are also true believers of the looting socialism that is responsible for this crisis, so instead of complaining they should be ashamed. Thirdly those complaining are the ones telling everyone that we need more bail-outs and more stimuli to save jobs, in essence they are the ones wanting many of these ill managed companies to have more money.

We are in the middle of a socialist crisis of average size, but the socialists are not happy until we have that depression they are looking forward to. The socialist mind is based on a looting mentality and its rot can be found in the reptile part of the brain were this cave man attitude still lurks so these creatures who want everything to be "free" and "complementary" should rejoice when the economy goes down, everything they want is getting to be true. They always want to have a deficit, congratulations. They always want the government to print and spend more money, good for all of us they are getting what they want. The lefties also want to embezzle more through higher taxes and more regulations, well this is great then. This system is a sick sick drug-addict based on the collectivization and socialization of humans and when the first waves of this crisis hits us, they want more of the same thing. Your socialist dreams are coming true, rejoice and be happy. Socialism "works" after all, so stop complaining and do the dance of joy when the taxes, the deficit and the recession grow and grow. What we should do, in a sound and capitalist world, is of course to cut spending, privatize money and stop giving away “free” stuff to every lazy socialist out there. But that’s not going to happen, because all you people are idiots.

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