Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just legalize it

Finally the drogwars in Mexico is getting deserved attention in European media. Drugs being outlawed means higher costs which means higher revenue because people will not stop taking drugs. The illegality also means that supermarkets and convenient stores that normally would sell drugs to cheaper prices and under the scrutiny of the market cant. So the only ones giving people want they want is druglords and mafia which in turn means that drugs comes with an higher risk and you cannot really know what you are buying. As consequents of this people will commit more crimes to found their habits and the mafia who earns bundles of cash will do anything to keep their profits. So people getting murdered, severed heads found here and there is a natural consequent of the laws. Nothing strange about it, that’s how it works and still people becomes upset and don’t know why this is happening. Morons.

If you outlaw something people want, the only things you do is create more criminals and staggering costs for law enforcement as well as for homeowners getting brake ins all the time. Even the communist regime under our good friend Stalin figured this out when they tried to ban alcohol and failed miserably. If a totalitarian society with death camps as punishment cannot stop people from getting drugs, who can? The answer is easy, you can’t. So just legalize it already so people at least have some painkillers to buy at their local store when the worlds stubbles into darkness and despair the coming years.

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