Sunday, March 15, 2009

The scum of the universe

The worst kind of ”people” – in lack of a better word – that ever existed anywhere in the universe has been at it again. Throughout the age’s kings, emperors, warlords, elected officials and other criminal elements have done some horrifying things. Tortures, burning of women, death camps, rapes, murders, slaughtering first born children, slavery and wars. All of which is nothing compeered to the prokaryotes I’m talking about. Have you ever been out in a thick and very old forest where no man has been before? If ever you are in one of those places and you turn over a rock and watch those crawling things beneath, you might get an idea about whom I’m talking. These loathsome creatures that hardly can put together a coherent sentence are the very embodiment of xenophobia, and still they work with and give out instructions to people. The once I’m talking about is of course the so called ‘experts’.

In Sweden a couple of these patronizing infestations spoke out today regarding bonus systems and the “greed” among business executives. Their solution, although not mentioned directly how, is to stop it. According to these two amebas; Elisabeth Gerle and Hans de Geer, directors and business owners have lost touch with reality and it is all about greed and growing resentments between classes of people. And they mean everyone, not just the ones looking for tax money bailouts, no every little bonus and extra wage for people working higher up in the hierarchy. This Marxist’s and smelly notion they mention in the same breath as glorifying the 50’s and 60’s in Sweden when the country, in lack of courage, still had the industry intact by hiding from the War and therefore could sell and give things to everyone around.

And you just know that pretty much any average jealous Joe out there who read this crap will nod in agreement and think that these reeking “thinkers” are right. These sorts of things are what define you as a person. Even if you think there is a point to the ramblings from these two planktons, you are still in the clear that people should get paid for their work, you are fine. But if you listen to those non-sapiens and think they are right without any extra brain activity, then you are an idiot.
‘Experts’ are the scum of the universe and you cannot get lower in the ranking of species than throwing about stupidities like these two. Journalists however like them, they propel trouble and get headlines so you, the idiot, can buy their paper and feel horrified by the ‘greed’ of executives.


  1. I'm amazed that this discussion has not emerged earlier with AIG and other companies as well that needs taxpayer dollars to survive.
    I think it's wrong to even consider that they should keep their bonuses.

    1. Any contract involving a bonus should be torn up (i.e no bonuses paid)

    2. All future bonuses should not even be considered until AIG has fullfilled their oblligations against the taxpayers.

    3. I would even seriously consider that management should even have their wages reduced.

    To my understanding a bonus is directly related to how a company performs. Well, how was the performance of AIG during the last year? We all know that it can't even be called performance...rather harmageddon.

    You may argue: well in order to get good management we need to pay well and have some incitement for them to work hard.
    Well, how valuable are they? that question is even easier to answer when you look at the performance of the company. So, are they that good or can we find more competent management that will work for less? That is how a healthy market for management should work anyways.

    This applies to all companies as well including the Swedish Banks.


  2. To a certain extent you are right, if we are talking about tax money going to pay for their bonus salaries but these “expert” refers to everyone, not just one or two companies, and they are also talking about “greed” in a general context. One can assume they mean to end this by law and governmental restrictions, even if that’s not mentioned. And with government being highly responsible for those companies situation, one can also argue that government also should bail them out, even if that’s not my point. The point is that these kind of stupidities comes rushing out of the woodwork every time some executive gets a higher salary and are called in through the sole purpose of getting people upset, again in a general way, not in one specific case.