Sunday, March 15, 2009

I discovered a UFO*

Something very strange happen this morning when I read today’s paper from Sweden online. It cannot be explained, at least not from someone without a degree in psychology, but I do think the truth is out there. What I noticed gave me chills down my spine and I could hear the starting music from ‘the twilight zone’ playing in my head. Some journalist had started a blog about huhuhu UFO:s and the “unexplained”. He says in the first entry in the blog that he’s going to focus on the unexpected, the unknown and what we think is impossible. He also mention, in passing, that there is a lot of hoax’s out there and that we need to do our homework to know what we are talking about.

I have here some unexplained questions for you to answer:

1) Why is a chairman for the national organization of UFO-Sweden writing this? Shouldn’t it be a chemist or a physicist?

2) How come 99% of the world’s population believes that government can give them things?

3) And why are 99% of the world’s population stupid morons?

4) What is that brown stuff that seems to come out of Uranus and have that strange smell of sensationalism that seems to be a way to catch more idiotic readers to an ever declining newspaper?

*Like the nerd I am, I should point out that I love shows like Firefly, the x-files and Dark Angel. However, I also know they are fiction meant to tell a story, not documentaries.

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