Sunday, March 15, 2009

When is the charade over?

Someone asked me when the apocalypse I’m seeing in the horizon hits us with full force. Well, actually he first asked me how stupid I am, if am an asylum detainee and which company that has bought me, but after that. So this is my response:

I see two possible outcomes. Neither of which is very pleasant and I need to state I prefer number two, just because it is quicker, never could stand long goodbyes.

The first probability – the likely one
People and the market haven’t really figured out yet what deep shit we actually are standing in. And as long as politicians and I-know-it-all-idiots around this globe can keep people in the dark, the real panic can be postponed. And the increasing production of money (the paper/pennies that is, not the value) together with chronically borrowing can actually push the real crisis a year or several into the future. This because you, the people, are too stupid to realize what’s going on and you will keep working despite being extra taxed without you knowing it. In addition there are still those that insists on inventing stuff to increase our productivity. And as long as we keep being better, faster and cheaper in making things and servicing others, there is a buffer for those in charge to nibble on. But even this cannot last forever. And with time the increasing socialism, the higher cries for protectionism and more and more people just giving up will slowly, but surely, push us further and further to the edge. It will, in the beginning, move so slow that we hardly notice it. The papers will tell us about this organization failure and that company’s bankruptcy and more and more events around the planet seem to indicate that something is wrong, but most people have jobs and even if costs have gone up some, you don’t really see the real crisis. Sound familiar? Yeah, here we stand today. The useless weasels of elected officials will keep having meetings, assuring themselves, as much as anything, that everything is okay. But slowly it keeps coming, the prices start to raise without anyone (accept those of us with brains) realizing why, more and more businesses going out, unemployment goes up, demonstrations and elections gets more and more common. Some people get killed in a small town defiling a public building and fighting with police. And so it goes on until we reach a point when people are so starved and unemployment so high that hysteria throws us in the hands of that wonderful man with oh so fantastic solutions. And what a great speaker he will be. And before you know it we are tattooing numbers on arms of people from another religion and starting wars. And with most countries having nuclear power or having the ability to get it, what fun it will be. This can take everything between 1 year to 15 years. It all depends on how many new inventions we come up with and how stupid you really are.

The second probability – the preferred one
In this scenario everything is about the same as in the first one, the difference being some events will trigger a faster decline. Let’s say Microsoft goes out of business, a war starts between India and Pakistan, protectionism increases all over the world, and famine brakes out in Brazil and the Chinese get a civil war. If things like this happen during a shorter amount of time, things will move much quicker than in the first ending above. The outcome will be the same, but it will take less time.

But can’t we do anything about it?
Yes of course we can, but you don’t want to know about it, so Im not going to tell you. Idiot.

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