Sunday, March 15, 2009

A bit chilly? Jump into the oven!

One working man in Sweden thought it kind of cold in February so he asked his friend he couldn’t take a ride on the transport line into one of the ovens. The friend said no, I don’t know why. But this is a persistent man and thus he jumped on top of a plank going thru the oven. In the middle of the oven however the machine stopped, couldn’t handle the extra weight. By some heroic effort from the friend, who had so strangely turned down the earlier request, he could be saved.

And now comes the fun part. The Swedish Work Environment Authority has decided that the friend should go to debriefings and have some health discussions to cope with this trauma. The company in question is also being put under scrutiny and needs to do a risk assessment as well as a complete checkup of the company’s different crawlspaces.

This person, that lived in Sweden his whole life and never understood that it sometimes get cold, should be thrown back into the oven! Let him fry and let’s pack those ‘The Swedish Work Environment Authority’ in there too.

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  1. He'll take up less precious space once turned into ashes.