Saturday, March 14, 2009

The game of power

With a big Yawn I read today’s Swedish newspapers and see that the government is increasing its popularity. Sure they are not as horrible in comparison with if the communists would rule, but the difference between the ruling idiots and the opposition’s idiots is minimal. And a poll today with well over a year until election time says nothing. I would guess that the financial crisis will have taken several big steps forward in that time so the question becomes if the Swedish citizens blame the ruling parties or if they are a safe hand to hold on to.

Sweden is very depended on what’s going on around the world with much of the country’s economy in trade and in productions sold to other countries; so Sweden is one of those places that soon will start to suffer more than others. During those tuff times you need a strong leadership and maybe that’s what the populace indirectly feels and between the ruling center-right and the opposition’s leaders there is a big difference. The Social democrats leader, Mona Sahlin who doesn’t really live on her good looks, is nobody you would even stand to be in the same room with, so seeing her as ruler will probably not attract that many voters. Me I’m swinging between not voting, which is the morally correct thing to do, and voting for the communists; only the worst is good enough…

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